Use Of Written Communication For The Air Traffic Control Essay examples

Use Of Written Communication For The Air Traffic Control Essay examples

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Written communication comes in many forms and this is no different in aviation. During pre-flight most airlines require pilots to print out, on paper, the whole flight plan and pertinent information. Text messages to and from the company dispatcher can be received through a datalink which may contain important information, like hazard weather. Most airlines have moved on to the digital age and now require pilots to carry an IPad or tablet. These devices allow pilots to access a large quantity of data displaied in written form. Manuals and emails are other common uses of written communication in the aviation. Single letters are uniquely used to identify weather information, updated every hour. This single letter is known as a weather identifier and is used during verbal communication when discussing updated weather with air traffic control.
A subcomponent of written communication is visualizations. Visualizations as discussed earlier can be as simple as a picture or graph and most commonly used in aviation as maps and charts. Most newer aircraft display a moving map to increase situational awareness and geographical location of the aircraft. This visualization tool quickly and precisely indicates where the aircraft is located so the pilot does not get lost in the sky. Another form of commonly used visualization is approach charts, graphics used in order to complete an instrument approach, which takes an aircraft from cruise flight phase to a landing, safely at an airport. These approach charts are like miniature maps containing a large amount of data on a single sheet of paper. Pilots need for devote study and complete understanding of the information and symbols on these approach charts, in order to be a safe pilot. ...

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...rmation presented and unsafe situations develop with inadequate due diligence in confirming with other resources the displayed information.
All these forms of communication, pilots need to understand beyond the basic fundamentals of everyday usage. The discussion of verbal communication and the barriers associated with it, highlights the importance pilots need to focus on effective and clear communication. Nonverbal communication is a lot larger than most believe and encompasses multiple sources of information for the pilot to use in order to fly the aircraft safely. Flight decks contain numerous visualizations to quickly and accurately transfer large amounts of data to pilots for continuous processing throughout a flight. All these forms of communication combine and are used as a resource for pilots, and is only one part of the crew resource management process.

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