Essay about The Use of Wind Power in Denmark and Japan

Essay about The Use of Wind Power in Denmark and Japan

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“His (James Blyth’s) offer to use the surplus electricity to light the main street in Marykirk was rejected by locals, fearing it (wind engine) ‘the work of The Devil’” (Croll, 2012). James Blyth is a pioneer of wind energy. Many people around him were afraid of wind engines he invented even though many countries nowadays would like to develop wind power (Croll, 2012). In recent years, many countries in the world use fossil fuels and coals to produce energy. However, these kinds of energy resources have limits. Therefore, at the some point in the future, people will not be able to produce energy from those resources. Renewable energies, including wind power, are remarkable resources for many countries such as Denmark and Japan. However, the different historical backgrounds of wind power created differences between Denmark and Japan: Denmark is one of the highest producers and consumers of wind power while Japan is not; however, despite some disadvantages such as destroying scenery, Japan should use more wind power because it is good for environment, it is renewable, and it reduces damage from disaster.
When looking back each history of wind energy in Denmark and Japan, there is the time lag to begin to develop wind power between the nations. In the past, Denmark relied on oil energy; however, Denmark began to focus on renewable energy, especially wind power after the oil crisis in 1973(“Wind Turbines in Denmark,” 2009). Because 1973 Arab-Israeli War happened, Organization of the Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries decided to suspend or to reduce the amount of oil they exported. Therefore, Denmark had to look for other energy resources. Denmark has produced energy using wind turbines since around 1975, yet the installed wind capaci...

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