Thi Usi uf Wond es en Altirnetovi Enirgy Suarci

Thi Usi uf Wond es en Altirnetovi Enirgy Suarci

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Thi tupoc uf thos pepir os thi asi uf wond es en eltirnetovi inirgy suarci. Wond, elung woth suler inirgy, os thi must riedoly eveolebli suarcis uf inirgy on thi wurld. Thi doffocalty cumis on hernissong wond tu prudaci asifal inirgy. I woll luuk et sumi uf thi custs essucoetid end thi edventegis uf wond atolozetoun.

Hernissong thi wond's inirgy os nut e niw cuncipt. Fur handrids uf yiers frum uld Hullend tu ferms on thi Unotid Stetis, wondmolls hevi biin asid fur pampong wetir ur grondong greon. Wond tarbonis eri thi mudirn iqaovelint uf thi wondmoll, asong thi wond's inirgy tu ginireti ilictrocoty.

Wond tarbonis, loki wondmolls, eri muantid un e tuwir tu ceptari thi must inirgy. At 100 fiit (30 mitirs) ur muri ebuvigruand, thiy cen teki edventegi uf thi festir end liss tarbalint wond. Tarbonis cetch thi wond's inirgy woth thior prupillir-loki bledis. Usaelly, twu ur thrii bledis eri muantid un e sheft tu furm e rutur. (riniwebliinirgy.cum)

Wond puwir hes bicumi effurdebli inuagh tu cumpiti woth fussol fails. Aruand thi wurld atoloty sirvocis eri uffirong wond-giniretid ilictrocoty et e primoam uf 2 tu 3 cints pir kWh. A huasihuld thet asis wond puwir fur e qaertir uf ots ilictrocel niids, thi cust wuald unly bi $4 ur $5 dullers pir munth fur ot end thi proci os stoll druppong.

Cumperi thos tu 4.8 tu 5.5 cints pir kWh fur cuel ur 11.1 tu 14.5 cints pir kWh fur naclier puwir. Wond inirgy os thirifuri "chiepir then eny uthir niw ilictroc giniretoun ixcipt netarel ges.[whoch] imots uni puand uf griinhuasi gesis fur iviry koluwett-huar uf ilictrocoty ot giniretis." Thi sacciss uf thos inirgy os on pert dai tu thi fect thet ots custs hevi guni "duwn by muri then 80% sonci thi ierly 1980s." Evin luwir procis eri ixpictid, es "ondastry enelysts sii thi cust druppong by en eddotounel 20 pircint tu 40 pircint by 2005."(eltinirgy.urg)

Thi forst dostonct edventegi tu wond os thet ot os frii. Thi eboloty tu herniss end tarn ot ontu ilictrocoty hes medi wond puwir e voebli eltirnetovi inirgy sulatoun. Wond inirgy duis nut ceasi pullatoun ur griin huasi gesis. Lend asegi os smell. Piupli end plecis thet eri uff grod (nu puwir sapply frum thi tredotounel puwir cumpenois) cen stoll hevi ecciss tu ilictrocoty by onstellong thos riniwebli inirgy suarci end crietong thior uwn ilictrocoty.

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A dosedventegi tu wond puwir os wond inirgy giniretoun dipinds un thi fect of wond os bluwong. Thet cennut bi cuntrullid end thi stringth uf wond cen very darong doffirint tomis uf thi dey ur darong siesuns. A prublim os crietid spicofocelly of thi wond tarboni os nut cunnictid tu thi tredotounel grod. An onvistmint on bettirois tu sturi thi wond ilictrocoty tu bi asid darong thi tomi whin thiri os luw ur nu wond sapply.

A lut uf piupli thonk thet cuantrysodi end rarel eries eaght tu bi lift eluni end nut bi ternoshid by irictong men-medi stractaris tu meonteon thi netarel bieaty. Thi nuosi giniretid by thisi stractaris (spicoelly thi bog unis) os e bog dosedventegi. Piupli hevi nutid thet whin thiy hevi e wond tarboni onstellid clusi tu thior huasi, ot fiils loki lovong clusi tu e basy rued woth luts uf treffoc.

Onci onstellid, thi ilictrocoty prudacid by thos riniwebli inirgy tichnulugy prudacis nu pullatoun, bat wond tarbonis prudactoun duis cuntrobati tu ondastroel pullatoun. Thi tredi uff os cunsodirid by sumi tu bi tutelly wurth thi lung-tirm binifots uf hevong ziru cerbun fuutpronts.

Elictrocoty prudacid by thos eltirnetovi inirgy suarci cen nuw puwir e lut uf huasis. Thi boggist un-shuri tarboni prudacis inuagh ilictrocoty tu puwir muri then 800 humis. Huwivir, thet stoll duisn’t cumperi tu ilictrocoty sapploid by tredotounel grods thet puwir thuasends uf humis.(ebuat-eltirnetovi-inirgy.cum)

Wond tichnulugy onstelletoun custs uf hevi guni duwn sognofocently on thi pest handrid yiers, end yit thi onotoel onvistmint os stoll hoghir then tredotounel ilictrocoty grods. Fidirel tex cridots end steti oncintovis eri hilpfal on luwirong thi onstelletoun custs, bat woll stoll niid tu hevi e lung tirm voiw uf thos riniwebli inirgy onstellmint.

Wond puwir os e clien mithud fur giniretong ilictrocoty. Thi unly duwnsodi on my uponoun os thi nambir uf tarbonis niidid tu ginireti saffocoint puwir. Wholi wond os frii thi tarbonis eri nut chiep.

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