Use Of Wawa For Water Or Nanna For Banana Essay

Use Of Wawa For Water Or Nanna For Banana Essay

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we discussed a toddler may use wawa for water or nanna for banana. This could be difficult if someone has trouble pronouncing certain vowels or the individual may have a speech impediment. In the case of Javier and our interview, Javier did have some difficulty in this component. The first noticeable mistake line 27 was when Javier describes getting to his cabin. Javier was excited about explaining to us “we went nside the cabin. Javier did not include the I for in-side. Another noticeable example is line 28-29 when Javier is describing eating in the morning. “And this morning we went to breakfas”. Javier was excited about telling what came next in his story that the T at the end of breakfast is silent. The last occurrence comes in line 43 when Javier is explaining the stories the wranglers mentioned once a top of the mountain. “They were telling stores of hells bark.” Javier was said stores however he meant to say stories. Javier’s Phonology was not too bad compared to other components.
Morphology is the study of structure and how words are formed in language as well as the formation of compounds. Basically building new words out of smaller ones. The best example is a set of rules that describe how words change based on how the individual uses them. Morphology is how words are built around a morpheme sometimes utilizing prefixes and suffixes. This is not to be confused with sentence structure. Javier’s morphology also seemed to have trouble. Javier has different occurrences thought out the conversation in this component. Javier first case of morphology is exhibited in line 38 when explaining the process of looping while on his horse. Javier states “After that we do looping”. Instead of we did looping. The second occur...

... middle of paper ... times in the beginning. One of the first things that was noted in this component were his responses. When Javier starts the conversation he is very polite and saying his thank you. He soon starts to get very comfortable and even his body language changes. One of the things that was noticed with Javier was his improper turn taking. With Javier’s pragmatics there is also a lot of chaining that occurs. Javier typically forgets what subject he is on and switches to another topic by chaining. When he is explaining his vacation Javier goes on for a lengthy process of and then and hmmms. In lines 31-34 there is a great example of this. In line for 49 there is another example of pragmatics. Javier forgets that he is speaking to staff and not one of his peers or siblings. Javier had the most difficulty in this component. Javier would constantly forget who his audience was.

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