Essay on The Use of Tobacco by Teens

Essay on The Use of Tobacco by Teens

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Teenage smoking can be a result of the influence of other teens, or maybe the amount of peer pressure. This can cause a teen to want to smoke or even think about smoking (Alcid, Arthur, page 1). Statistics show that 794 student and 22.4 percent of teens claimed to be tobacco users. (Alcid, Arthur, page 1). Teens tend to be more abrasive when smoking, and seem to act different while smoking and once they have gotten into the habit of smoking make it a constant thing. In 2003, 21.9 percent of high school students currently smoke cigarettes (Alcid, Arthur, page 1).
Nowadays students are not only being pressured to smoke by their peers and by their surrounding, but they are also watching their parents smoke. Many teens have been influenced by their parents and think because their parents are doing it, it is okay for them to do it as well (Alcid, Arthur, and page 2). The number of adult smokers that started smoking as a teen is as high as 80 percent (Alcid, Arthur, page 2). Twenty three percent of parents that smoke believe their child or children will smoke as an adult as well, many people believe that children learn by example.
Smoking varies in the different ethnic groups. In 2003, Caucasian students were significantly more likely than black and Hispanic to report current smoking (Niles, Nancy, page 1). The prevalence of smoking was not different among white and Hispanic male students. In today’s society teens are finding harder ways to smoke. (Niles, Nancy, page 1). Ms. Jeanette was a smoker as a teen and she has given me a lot of insight about my project and how smoking as a teen changed her lifestyle and how it could have potentially ruined her future as an adult. (Mentor, October, 2011). Ms. Jeanette states that when she was ...

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... of that after researching and discovering all the different types if things she is very satisfied that she is not one of many smokers worldwide.

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