Use Of The Use Of Use Of Marketing On Marketing Products Essay

Use Of The Use Of Use Of Marketing On Marketing Products Essay

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D1: Evaluate the effectiveness of the use of techniques used in marketing products in one organisation
In this assignment, I will be evaluating the effectiveness of the use of marketing techniques in marketing products in Tesco.
First, I will be talking about the relationship marketing techniques used by Tesco. This strategy brings some advantages to Tesco as it allows the company to understand its customers and strengthens the relationship between them. When customers make purchases in stores or online, the Clubcard automatically records all the details of the product purchased on a database and Tesco can then send discount vouchers and special offers which are specially adapted according to the buying trends of the customer.
The loyalty programme allows Tesco to build new relationships and get new customers. For example, if a customer regularly shops at another supermarket but then comes to know that Tesco offers better rewards, they may choose to do their shopping at Tesco instead. In addition to this, it also allows Tesco to retain its existing customers as it provides them with a good reason to continue shopping there. Customers know that the more they shop at Tesco, they will have a greater accumulation of points and therefore, they obtain a better reward. Therefore, the Tesco Clubcard encourages customers to buy, which benefits the company. For this reason, the Clubcard method increases customer lifetime loyalty, which is vital for any business. Magazines and leaflets also help Tesco to promote its products and encourage sales. However, they cost a lot of money and time to produce and are sometimes just thrown away by customers.
On the other hand, this strategy is also linked to some disadvantages. This is because, when Te...

... middle of paper ...

...he consequences will be catastrophic.
Overall, I recognise that there are several strategies which can tremendously improve the chances of success of a business. However, each of them has to be analysed from different perspectives to be able to tackle and deal with both their benefits and limitations. Businesses have to spend the time, money and effort to determine whether the selected marketing strategy will benefit them or not.

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