Essay on Use of Technology for Curriculum and Instruction

Essay on Use of Technology for Curriculum and Instruction

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”Technology should not drive the curriculum; the curriculum should drive the technology,” says Angers (2004). One may ask what does this mean. Simply put, it means that the curriculum should dictate how technology will be used in the classroom. The purpose of this paper is to explain how to infuse technology into the curriculum, and the effect of technology on curriculum design.
In order to add technology to the curriculum, technology must be available for use. To be available for use, the technology has to be placed in the classroom by someone – that someone usually being someone from Information Technology (IT). Therefore, collaboration with IT will be required when implementing technology into the curriculum. However, before IT becomes involved, the equipment, software, or hardware must be available. Rocky Point Union Free School District (2011) indicates that will continue their lease agreement with said company to ensure that they have the most up to date equipment/computers. The computers will be updated every five years. However, software updates will be done every quarter or as deemed necessary. Therefore, it will be necessary to communicate with other departments in order to ensure technology has been included into the curriculum appropriately.
Farmington Public Schools (2012) indicated that its district will employ two types of specialists to aid in the integration of the technology. The first employee will be a school-based instructional technology specialist (ITS). The ITS is responsible for the integration of technology throughout the district. The ITS is also responsible for assisting teachers with the transformation process. While, the Media Specialist will be responsible for handling technology su...

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...hnology has both its advantages and disadvantages. However, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. With that in mind, the curriculum department must embrace this great task, and let technology lead us forward.

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