Use of Self: Impact of Past Experiences on Future Practice Essay

Use of Self: Impact of Past Experiences on Future Practice Essay

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ndividual Personality Attributes
My main personality traits drawn from impacts of previous experiences include introversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, optimism and anxiety. Introversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness and openness to experiences are apart of the Big Five Personality Factors established by Goldberg (1990). Introversion describes an individual who is reserved, quiet and timid which I believe I am in a large amount of circumstances characterised by my tendency to spend more time listening and disliking being the centre of attention in large groups. Being introverted could be beneficial to my social work practice because it allows me to be client centred, engage my active listening skills and feel comfortable during silences which allow deeper thought by the client and my full attention.
Conscientiousness is described as the extent which individuals organized, dependable, hardworking and firm (Goldberg, 1990). My conscientiousness developed as a result of being kicked out of home and attending school and university, which required for me to achieve my goals to become conscientious. Conscientiousness will allow me to stay organised, hard working and dependable as a social worker, which will have a positive impact on my practice ability.
Agreeableness describes an individual who is cooperative, understanding, warm and sympathetic (Goldberg, 1990). Agreeableness is an important attribute when working in a team environment and within a social work context. Having an agreeable personality will allow me to display a warm, understanding and sympathetic personality to clients while increasing my ability to act cooperatively with clients and co-workers in a practice environment.
Openness to experien...

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