The Use of Secondary Sources in Bram Stoker's "Dracula" Essay

The Use of Secondary Sources in Bram Stoker's "Dracula" Essay

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Bram Stoker uses secondary sources all throughout his novel in order to enhance the novel. He inserts a number of journal entries, newspaper articles, etc. instead of using a narrative point of view. By doing this, he has helped the reader understand more about what is going on, almost as if they are getting a behind-the-scenes view on the story, emotionally and physically. If Stoker had only used a narrative point of view, the reader wouldn’t know the character’s thoughts, emotions, or anything they were feeling at that moment. The person telling the story wouldn’t be able to tell exactly what was going through the character’s head; they would only be able to give an overview. In “Use of the Diary Form Narrative in the Novel Dracula,” the author states that, “this was a good choice of how to write the novel since it was very beneficial to the plot.” I agree with this statement, because by having the characters revel their accounts themselves, it deepened the novel.
Journals written by the characters are used for the majority of the novel. The story opened up with Jonathan Harker w...

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