The Use Of Psychological Concepts On Our Habits Or Behaviors Essays

The Use Of Psychological Concepts On Our Habits Or Behaviors Essays

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Our everyday behaviors can reveal the personality traits we have based on our habits or behaviors. Applying psychological concepts to them helps to understand these behaviors better and why certain people behave one way or another. I’ve noticed that I tend to judge people mostly how their physical behavior and the way they interact with people. I’ve come to find that when I do that it helps me to determine what type of person they are and if I would want to know them better such as becoming friends with them. Many times I’ve had strangers come up and try to make a conversation with me. Although I did try to be pleasant to them, I really wasn’t interested in making a conversation with them. When I think back about those moments, I feel that the physical appearance of those strangers influenced me and gave off a certain impression that told me that I don’t find the person to be interesting and that I don’t care about that person. I believe this has to do a lot with first impressions and that they can tell a lot about a person. The outward appearance people portray and the way they move and interact in a social environment show what kind of person they are and if you should be interested in them or not. I will use this habit to apply two concepts to.
Another habit, that often times occurs to me is that I find myself to be pessimistic about negative things that go on in my life. I always try to imagine the future of a certain event and I imagine different aspects of it and how it can turn out bad. But on the other hand, I’m a very independent person and I’m always determined to strive toward a certain goal. Many times, I find people who are always offering to help me with something. And I often feel bad because I reject them and say ...

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...person. That in turn leads to central route persuasion when the interested person responds favorably to the other person’s argument. That leads to having favorable thoughts and make the person more likable. All of this works together and helps me see the action of the person I am “judging”. This leads me to have a certain attitude toward that person and whether to accept them and want to meet them.
Being able to apply these concepts and see how they intervene into my everyday life, has served as good and important information. The way we interact socially, our attitudes, and behaviors shape who we are as a person and helps us become better people to this society. It is good to know how the concepts implied above work to shape my personality and behavior because it is interesting to see how our minds work and how we perceive things differently than they actually are.

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