The Use of Propganda Throughout American History Essay

The Use of Propganda Throughout American History Essay

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The use of propaganda including posters, and poems made a big difference in the American history. The utilization of propaganda during World War One was one of the most common and well thought out methods produced to influence the Americans thoughts.
During this time of war you wanted every American to be on their toes. You did not want to be caught speaking or letting the spies know how the troops were doing. Our enemy could have been found anywhere or could listen to anything you could say. “Every American should Beware”. (Source 2 “Spies and Lies” p.142) In this Advertisement the author wants every American to believe that the enemy is in their country. The enemy is taking away their rights and their privacy. If you didn’t act then you were not doing the correct job. They wanted to convince the people that they were under attack in their own country. The Germans were invading and causing trouble in their own land. At one point Americans were told, that they should “not wait until you catch someone putting a bomb under a factory”. They were told this so that they knew and understood what these people were capable of. People were told that they had the government on their side and that if they had any suspicion of any illegal activity or thought bad of a person, the government themselves would stand up and reinforce the law upon them.
Being afraid and being aware that the Germans were the problem were both wins for the American community. Now that the people were afraid, the American government could step in and imply laws that had never been implied to another man. For instance, there was a case where a famous conductor by the name of Dr. Karl Much had his own experience with this American support. This man was “accused o...

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...e elderly. There is an American soldier showing a Pickelhaube. This Pickelhaube represents a German soldiers life. The family, which is praising this helmet, is either old or female. They are encouraging the act but they are not participating in it itself. (Source 17 Hines Prize Winning Cartoon in the 1918 Trench and camp Cartoon contest p.155). This all comes back to the thought of making money. What other ways to help your troops than to donate or give money to them?
There wasn’t a way out. Everyone had to accomplish his or her role, and everyone had to participate. This is how propaganda played and accomplished its main purpose to deliver and support to the troops.

Source: “Wheeler book, Chapter 5”. I chose a few images that would support my statements as well as give the reader some images to improve the image of propaganda during World War 1.

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