Use Of Prolific Writing For Students Essay

Use Of Prolific Writing For Students Essay

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The definition of prolific is to produce something with abundance or high frequency. Prolific writing for experts, who could be authors, novelists, ghostwriters, etc…, would be to produce a large quantity of writing in a short time. Some novelists are capable of writing a book in a month or just a week. In the classroom prolificacy would be writing often, no matter the length of each work. For students, most writing is for practicing the different types of writing. Prolific writing should not be frowned upon in publishing or classrooms.
This subject is interesting to me because I read and write recreationally. I use every chance possible to read and write. My reading is fairly diverse, though many of the books are supernatural, horror, or historical fiction. These books have a big impact on my writing style and topics. There are fictional and non-fictional, as well as academic and personal, works in my writing portfolio. In school I learned how to write in various styles, for different audiences, and multiple reasons. Although I believe that schools are trying to teach too much too early, it is important for students to learn to write with styles and audiences in mind.
Both expert and novice writers have developed their own writing processes, procedures, and rituals. Some writers recommend using an outline when trying to be more productive (Junttila). Outlines and other types of prewriting help organize ideas and give the work a direction. Some wordsmiths always use prewriting, some never do, and others go back and forth. Some writers have rather interesting and original rituals when they write. Examples of these rituals can be found in Parini’s article. One is that Honore de Balzac drank coffee that was brewed in a specific wa...

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... prompt with an hour time limit instead.
As with our one book, one university text for this school year (David & Goliath), there are both advantages and disadvantages of prolific writing. Advantages for novelists would be that they could get the voices, ideas, out of their heads and earn money. They could face having some books that are not so good, but no author writes perfectly all the time. Plus, that gives them something to improve upon. Readers want the books as quickly as possible, so they can read more from their favorite authors. Some books might get lost in the bibliography sea, but surely at least one person has read each book. As far as students are concerned, they need to practice to improve. It can nbe difficult and a lot of work, but in the end it helps them. Overall, it cannot be said that productive composition is purely positive or purely negative.

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