Use Of Poetic Techniques And Video Performance Essay

Use Of Poetic Techniques And Video Performance Essay

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Hence Kijiner’s use of poetic techniques and video performance of “Dear Matafele Peinam” spreads a very heartfelt and persuasive message on climate change and its effects of a community many people may never visit. It is a call to arms, to me, to you and your friends to fight against the so called blindfolded bureaucracies, to stand up against corporate greed and fight for our world together. This message is new, and wouldn’t have been understood by Shakespeare or McCrae, and is modern in todays world where it is one of the biggest threats humanity currently faces, and will continue to face if things don’t change. Thus it is through poetry that Kijiner has spread this message through the form of video to thousands of people who have since inspired change, showing the relevance of poetry in the modern day society.

So have I convinced all you listeners out there? Three of the most famous poems of all time from three of the most famous Poets of all time! All from different times with different messages, subject matters and themes yet they all remain relevant in todays world, be that through teaching us how to live modest lives, giving us a glimpse into history and those who have fought us or spreading a new message, a call to arms to protect our world from the latest threat. All these examples prove the importance of poetry in the modern world and show how the pure emotional power of poetry has the ability to transcend time and subject matter to change the lives of people for years to come.

Thankyou everyone for listening, as always I hope I’ve inspired you to go home and write some poetry! My names Vincent van Zijl, thankyou for tuning into Burning Poetry with STCC radio and I’ll be back again next week! Bye
Thus McCrae has tak...

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... a collection of 154 poems each in the form of 14 lines with a strict rhyme scheme and specific structure, are some of Shakespeare’s most influential poems. Sonnet 146, one of Shakespeare’s later and most diverse sonnets, was written during the time the black plague effected England, theatres where closed, bodies littered the streets and average life expectancy was less then 40 years. As a result, Shakespeare diverted from his traditional writings of love, nature and worldly experiences to focus more on the connection between the human soul and its body during its time on earth before death.
Shakespeare uses many poetic techniques in this sonnet, this includes the use of metaphor to create the idea of a human body similar to a house. This allows Shakespeare to make comparisons between the the body and soul and why people make their lives seem better than in reality.

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