Use Of Phenomenology Approach For Conducting Interviews With Children With Disabilities

Use Of Phenomenology Approach For Conducting Interviews With Children With Disabilities

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Themes and Patterns
This chapter will consist of the data analysis that was collected in this study on how to support children with disabilities in the classroom. By using qualitative descriptive approaches, I used Phenomenology approach for conducting interviews with teachers and parents. Another approach I used was Ground Theory, method by conducting observations’ in two special day classes . I will discuss the four common themes and patterns that came up in this research:
• Children with disabilities benefit from inclusion classrooms
• More support is needed in an inclusion classroom
• Assorted resources through school district
• Trainings on children with disabilities are more common
Children with disabilities benefit from inclusion classrooms
Children that have been placed in an inclusion classroom have shown progress. They are not limited to the abilities of their peers with disabilities. They are included in a general education classroom learning with peers of typical development. The differences is the child with an IEP has accommodation in the classroom. Which can be overseen by peers being that the information of who has a disability in the classroom is not shared with the children. In my interviews Noemi and Juan were pleased with the services their child was receiving and the accommodations/ modifications the teacher had made for them in the classroom. Which Jessica was also pleased with the services her child was receiving but she felt Kevin’s needs were more than what a general classroom can offer him. Being that she had the experience of having him in a special education with a smaller setting that provided more support she can see the benefits of both programs.
In my teacher interviews it...

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...pulled out of the class one to two times a week for 30 minutes depending on the severity. If the child is receiving services for speech in a SDC classroom the Speech Pathologist will see the child in the classroom as many times a week and in the time frame as stated on the IEP. In observation one and two Mrs. G and Ms. Lopez both shared that their children get their children’s services met in the classroom. Where in a general classroom as shared by Erika and Jennifer their children get serviced during school hours on campus outside of their classroom. How does inclusive classroom benefit children with learning disabilities?
As stated in the research the way that inclusion classroom benefits children with disabilities by
What instructional strategies are used to support children?
What type of professional resources, trainings or workshops do teachers get to

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