Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport

Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport

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Athletes taking PEDs is just like sitting in school taking a test and not be able to figure out and answer to a question and seeing classmates cheating,taking out their phone,looking at others paper, and having cheat sheets. Most people have had this happen in their lives just like athletes most athletes are hard workers but you come across a few so called athletes who use performance enhancing drugs to improve there game which are illegal. The use of performance enhancing drugs is an unlawful shortcut which helps body muscle grow faster without effort and it also helps with muscle endurance.The use of this substance is increasing instead of decreasing. The use of these drugs diminishes the chances of “clean” athletes making it to the major sports or teams, destroying all the hard work they have done their whole life. Their needs to be a drastic improvement with the testing of performance enhancing drugs. Frequent year round drug tests and severe punishments in various levels would be favorable for athletes and fans because it keeps the game clean, gives youth a positive influence, and it sets a good image for the sport.

First and foremost limited and ineffective drug tests, have let well known and distinguished athletes get away with deceiving the fans and the sport. The first person that people think when they say cycling is lance Armstrong. He has been the face of cycling since decades winning the biggest races like the Tour De France six times. But during June 2012 “The International Cycling Union (UCI) banished Armstrong from ever competing again and formally stripped him of his Tour de France titles, along with every cycling achievement since 2008, endorsing the punishment laid out earlier this week by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency”(Clarke). The punishment of Armstrong was the correct measurement taken by the UCi. Armstrong cheated throughout his career since he started cycling professional. Lot of reports came out saying Armstrong cheated and was fraud. Lot of his teammates said he had doped and injected himself. Although this allegation came out there was no hard proof:
Mr. Armstrong's lawyer asserted Wednesday that his client has passed 500 to 600 drug tests over the course of his career.The report, however, cited what it said was an array of tactics used by the riders to foil the French police and drug testers, such as burying drugs in the woods to hide them from police, dumping drugs off a ferry and texting one another to warn of surprise visits from drug testers(Albergotti).

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This justifies the issue of having frequent year round drug tests so athletes don’t figure out when the tests are going to happen. The UCI has taken proper action by banning Lance Armstrong sending a strong step to stop the use of drugs. This action was taken after Armstrong received many awards,prizes,sponsorships. Even though he cheated he received millions of dollars and became famous. Multitude of people would take the chance to become rich and fulfill their dreams if drug testing doesn’t become a frequent thing. Cycling is not the only sport where doping takes place. Major League Baseball has the greatest extent of Ped users varying from the minor league to the big leagues. Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun two well known baseball player who were having great seasons are receiving lengthy suspensions(Pugmire). Mlb has taken the biggest developments to Ped use than any other sport but the suspensions handed down are not that severe. A-rod has admitted that he took Ped from the 2001-2003 season with Texas Rangers but he never failed a drug test. CJ Wilson pitcher of the Angels said player are taking Peds just to get big contracts because they know they can get away with it(Baxter). Alex had been handed the richest contract in the Mlb after his outstanding seasons with the Rangers. Right now Alex is serving a whole year suspension at age 38 at end of his career. Just like hall of players Sammy Sosa, Mark Mcgwire, and Barry Bonds all these player had great careers had all the hype,endorsements, and money given to them but had deceived the game. They all got caught near the end of their careers. Even though Mlb has had a superior policy then the other sports they still have not given appropriate suspension. This justifies the issue of big time athletes getting big time money when they are cheating themselves and the game.
Furthermore there needs to be off seaon drug testing and anonymous test are being taken. This is a significant issue in sports, lot of athletes take Peds in the offseason so they can recover from injury and when they train because they know they do.
While N.F.L. officials are proud of their program, anti doping experts say the framework and timing of N.F.L. testing allows players ample room to outmaneuver the tests, particularly if they are using amphetamines and fast-acting steroids that can be quickly flushed from the body. And get tested and it would be out of their system next time they get tested(Schmidt).
If this could happen in the regular season and the drug can get out think about what can happen in the off-season when you have no pressure of when you may get tested. Mlb drug testers reserve parking spaces and field passes the day before which they are not suppose to do because it tips off the team off the test coming(Schmidt). There are some devices that players can hide to use another person’s drug free urine to pass the test(Schmidt). Mike Tyson used to do that during some off his major fights he used a fake penis to cheat his way through the test. Evading drug test now a days with new technology will be easier. "Drugs in sport is never going to go away," he said. "You can beat it back quite far, and we've done that in many ways. But the people on the other side keep coming up with new and better techniques to foil our tests(Baxter). If more random drug tests are being conducted and harsher punishments handed out it would force athletes to stop doping because of the fear of getting caught.
With attention to doping in major league sports,youth should also be tested. The amount of youths who have athletes as their role models is tremendous. But when kids see A-rod, Manny Ramirez, Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds using Peds could send a negative connotation to kids.”The parents hear that these things are possibly available, and that pro athletes are using them, and they want to know if that's something their son or daughter--usually son--can use for competitive advantage," said Dr. Ernesto Blanco, a pediatric endocrinologist in Fort Lauderdale”(Shipley). Sports are one of the most watched and popular entertainment and big issues like drug use are talk about a lot in sports shows. LIkewise some parents are wanting their kids to take Peds to fulfill their dreams."Most of them, they're ex-athletes," Dias said. Such parents didn't make it to the pros themselves, he said, but think "'I'm going to do something different for my kid so he can make it. I will give him some drugs, steroids.' That's the mentality"(Shipley). That is unacceptable parents jobs are to teach kids the right thing not to make them cheat and lie to become a pro athlete. Peds are not easy to get they cost lot of money and can only be obtained with the help of doctors. Drugs will be more expensive than college(Shipley).”Since then, doctors and sports officials told the Sun Sentinel, an increasing number of parents of soccer, tennis, basketball and baseball players have been asking for the drug, often justifying their requests by saying their children are talented athletes but undersized compared to their peers”(Shipley). This issue is going uphill instead of down because parents know that there is very few to none drug testing occurring. National average of student athletes using Peds id 4.2% per area. It is upsetting to see student athletes take shortcuts, it is a major need to obtain more drug tests to youth.
In summary, drastic improvements of drug testing and tougher punishments must be given out to to keep the game clean, to give the youth a constructive viewpoint, and to set a good image for the game. I feel this issue is going to be resolved and drug testing is going to be a persistent thing.

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