The Use of Online Games within the Classroom Essay example

The Use of Online Games within the Classroom Essay example

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Of recent interest to me is the use of on-line games within the classroom. Specific to my interest is the teaching of first year composition on-line. The following paper is an analysis of two articles, one quantitative and one qualitative, on studies on gamification within a course. The qualitative article looks at a one week exercise where the students did a scavenger hunt like activity was designed to get the students better acclimated with course content and hopefully garner a real world or practical application of it. The quanitative article looks at a game designed to get students a better understanding of a specific economic theory. Despite neither of these studies having anything to do with writing, the design the authors took to each one provides insights for me as I begin my dissertation. The following is a more in-depth look at these possibilities through an analysis of each article.
Qualitative Article
The article, “How a Mobile Social Media Game Can Enhance the Educational Experience” by Parise and Crosina (2012), provides a case study on the use of gaming in a learning environment. The authors wanted to know if on-line learning elements integrated into a traditional face to face course would allow for enhanced learning outcomes. They created a game using a social media gaming platform called SCVNGR where they essentially created a week long scavenger hunt for the students to do. The activity combined both live physical interactions among students while also having them use on-line (including mobile) technology to acquire clues and communicate with one another. After the game was completed, the instructors met with the students and conducted a focus group asking theme the following seven questions:
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... The review emphasizes the importance of learner centeredness and how some students may be un-motivated no matter what the learning environment. They also go over the importance of “training” for the game as the more complicated, the more problems will arise.

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