The Use of Nuclear Power Essay

The Use of Nuclear Power Essay

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According to the U.S. Energy Administratin, “By 2030, electricity demand in the U.S. is expected to grow by 21% from its current level” (Candris). The population increase of the United States and other developing countries is causing a need for cleaner energy. There are many alternatives that are already in use today that show that the technology is possible. Wind, solar, hydroelectric, and natural gas are all alternatives that can provide energy in a much more efficient and clean way. However, these alternatives do not come close to the energy that can be produced by nuclear power. The past events have shown that nuclear power follows more of the necessities that other resources do not follow now. Despite monetary costs and increased health risks, nuclear power is becoming a stronger alternative energy source because there is need to reduce our footprint and a need for more baseload energy due to weak amounts of energy from wind and solar.

Baseload energy is energy that is used by the general population to power homes, businesses, and other buildings. Because nuclear power produces large amounts of energy, “Nuclear plants have proven to be the low-cost source of baseload electricity” (Candris). Some sources, such as wind and solar, that are already in use supply some energy, but the energy produced is not baseload. One example of this is the sheer number of the nuclear plants in the world that have been constructed in China, Russia, India, and South Korea (Donn). All of these countries have large populations that are based in large cities. The necessity for this baseload energy was noted and nuclear was the clear alternative to solve the problem. Due to new technologies that require more energy everyday, “The world’s growing c...

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...of our planet.

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