Use Of Nature Vs. Nurture Essay

Use Of Nature Vs. Nurture Essay

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There is no need to be defensive over matters that lack controversy. Victor’s positive exaggerations of his childhood are additional signs that he is either hiding something or pretending as if his childhood was a flawless stage of his life. “Victor’s reliance upon defensive idealization represents one of the most conspicuous narcissistic features of his narration. He repeatedly makes statements affirming the happiness and tranquility of his earlier life, as when he says: ‘No human being could have passed a happier childhood than myself’” (Berman 64). The reader may then realize that during Frankenstein’s childhood his narcissistic personality began to form.
Though Victor’s narcissism is not that fatal as it seems, because he still shows much affection for those that he loves such as William and Elizabeth, who ended up being victims of Victor’s own monster due to jealousy and anger. It is not very well described how Victor gained his narcissism, but it appears mostly in his childhood. Like the argument of Nature vs. Nurture, we question how Victor became the narcissistic scientist. (“Narcissism” 2)
In addition to his ego, another prime example of narcissism appears after his mother’s death. Most would be greatly stricken at the passing of a parent while Victor lacks any form of grievance. “Victor’s reaction to his mother’s unexpected death illustrates his failure to mourn” (Berman 62). His lack of sympathy, even for his own family shows that he cares only for himself and blames those around him for his own mistakes.
Above all, the majority of Victor’s narcissistic behavior is present after he leaves his home in pursuit of scientific quests. “The world was to me a secret which I desired to divine. Curiosity, earnest research to l...

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...-importance and response to criticism further the case against his healthy mental state. Subsequently, the entire Frankenstein novel is essentially the story of Narcissus and Echo from Roman and Greek mythology. Both seek beauty and both experience egregious endings. Dr. Frankenstein’s narcissism festers in his childhood and culminates in his godly creation from a lifeless form. Disregarding his parents and accusing them of his faults illustrate his lack of compassion and appreciation. His desire to overcome the divinity of nature unravels as he abandons his own creation. After he abandons his creation, Victor disregards any thought of reconciling with the creature and instead seeks to destroy it. It is through all of these reasons that the reader can come to the conclusion that Dr. Victor Frankenstein exhibits all of the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder.

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