The Use of Modeling a Population by Scientists: Monte Carlo Simulations of Allele Frequencies

The Use of Modeling a Population by Scientists: Monte Carlo Simulations of Allele Frequencies

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Through an array of various professional arenas, the use of modeling a population has been used to demonstrate a variety of explanations. For example, scientists may demonstrate a mathematical model to represent the population dynamics or genetic drift of a particular environment throughout the years. Population modeling has been used to demonstrate mathematically, psychologically, and scientifically an understanding of the numbers (being used) over time (being measured) and can be manipulated my changing its generation and rate. Both labs are completed through the use of a laptop and excel workbook provided to the students in biology one lab. Through this experiment, students will be utilizing an already set excel workbook and the known Monte Carlo Simulations of Allele Frequencies that constitutes the observance of different growth meters which, are given in the lab protocol for this week, are: exponential growth, logistic growth, and “predator-prey simulation” (Dulai), as well as generations. In order to see the difference in growths and generation/allele manipulations students are instructed to manipulate values; such as, the initial population or rate value. This is done to observe what each manipulation in the numbers does to the graph. In completing the experiment, students found that each model holds a high sensitivity when changing the values given. By comparing each model, students were able to observe the significance in manipulating one value leading to an overall change in its population. This also helped in localizing the steady-state month and rate in which the population/rate where steady; therefore, demonstrating the projected death rate, predator initial population, and predation rate of the population. Also, thr...

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...ion of the control variable. It was also hypothesized that when the a,A varibles were manipulated, the resulting numbers would increase as well.
Materials and Methods
Materials used in this laboratory experiment consisted of the following:
1. Microsoft XP laptop
2. Excel spreadsheet workbook
3. Pencil/pen
4. Python Interpreter
5. Allele frequency software
The experimental materials, procedures, and methods that were used throughout labs eight and nine were implemented from a previously supplied protocol given to students in biology one lab by Dr. Kamal Dulai (Dr. Dulai, 2014). Both labs were conjoined in a PDF provided by Dr. Dulai under the UC Merced CROPS folder. Deviation for this lab was that the extra credit predator-prey phase plots were not performed during the lab designated time frame and instead where completed at the discretion of the student (after lab).

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