Essay about Use Of Mobile Phones While Driving

Essay about Use Of Mobile Phones While Driving

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Use of mobile phone while driving
Using mobile phone while driving may cause many problems. This is a very critical issue now a day, people using mobile phones while they are driving may be the main cause of many accidents. Hence, it is very important to create awareness among them. Some authorities have made the use of a mobile while driving illegal, or they may permit the use of hands-free. Consequently, it is need of the hour to do research in this critical area, so that death rate due to accidents can be reduced to a minimum level.
The rate of deaths of school zone drivers or those who just receive their licenses is very high. Distraction made by any outside source hinders the way they are driving. With the advancement in the mobile phone technology, it becomes crucial to creating awareness among drivers against the miss use of the mobile and any other stuff that cause a disturbance in the way they are driving. Many questions arise with the advancement of technologies. People may use it in a good way, but a teenager, and growing children are taking the advantages of the technology in a positive way. They may develop the habit of texting all around the day, even when they are driving the think that texting is very compulsory for them.
There are many cases of distraction-related accidents when texting. Net surfing from mobiles reduces the use of computer and laptops, which in turn cause problems as well. A case was reported in the US about a year ago that cause the death of a driver while he was surfing for the location on the cell phone (Steitzer, 2010). After a keen survey of many cases, a proper research in this field is very important for creating awareness and some rules for the use of mobile phone. Decades ago, it was no...

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...parent’s relation strengthens through quick call while driving.
The third component is social network benefits. Cell phone while driving promotes social connection as when drivers are stuck in traffics sudden call to their friend can enrich their relation. Events that collide can be coordinated while rushing to any of the events therefore bring peace and reduces stress.
Last are business benefits. Business man can make their idle time productive while driving and employees enjoy a competitive environment. Immediate response can be given to a co worker or client. Contacting workers while driving improves responsiveness. The quick response can improve the relation with the client in long run. Such facilities are worth it in financial services. There are numerous benefits but many of them are not explored yet and researcher through several methods are figuring it out.

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