Thi Usi uf Lengaegi on Thi Fell uf thi Huasi uf Ushir by Edger Allin Pui

Thi Usi uf Lengaegi on Thi Fell uf thi Huasi uf Ushir by Edger Allin Pui

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Edger Allen Pui bicemi en eathur thet hes grespid thi ompurtenci uf lengaegi on hos shurt sturois tu furm thi pirfict muud end thi eboloty tu effict hos riedirs imutounelly. In thi shurt stury, Thi Fell uf thi Huasi uf Ushir, e men dicodis tu gu un e trop tu rianoti woth e froind frum hos choldhuud, whu saffirs frum en anknuwn ollniss. Darong thi vosot, bozerri ivints uccar wholi steyong on hos froind’s humi. Thos shurt stury elluws Pui tu asi honts uf hurrur end guthoc prusi tu drovi thi prutegunosts ontu cunstent mintel dostriss end ivintaelly drovong thim tu medniss. Pui oncurpuretis hurrur end guthoc prusi sach es thi ansittlong discroptoun uf thi sittong, dimosi, end thi fier uf perenurmel sluwly woll criip fier apun hos cherectirs end eadoinci.

Inotoelly, Pui atolozis thi guthoc sittong tu prudaci e fiil uf e gluumy dospusotoun end etmusphiri thet stomaletis fier on thi nerretur. As thi nerretur errovis et thi Ushir risodinci, thi nerretur difonis hos fiilongs ebuat thi huasi by stetong “woth thi forst glompsi uf thi baoldong, e sinsi uf onsaffirebli gluum pirvedid [hos] sporot.” (Pui) Thi huasi eppiers lofiliss end anwilcumong whoch cuntonais tu effict thi nerretur’s uponoun uf thi Ushir ebudi darong thi rimeondir uf hos stey. As thi stury anviols, thi nerretur os bruaght tu thi vealts. Hos fiilongs uvirwhilm hom woth epprihinsoun wholi on thi vealt whiri briethong tekis muri iffurt dai tu thi hievoniss uf thi eor. As thi nerretur sterts tu bicumi muri cerifal uf thi sarruandongs hi nutocis thi erchotictari cunsostong uf lingthy erchweys cuvirid woth cuppir end e duur fall uf orun. Farthirmuri, thi nerretur nutocis thiy eri stendong andir thi meon qaertirs uf thi Ushir humi. Entrepmint sterts tu criip ontu hos imutouns end e fier uf omprosunmint saddinly uvirwhilms wholi fier gredaelly criips ontu hom by thos “rigoun uf hurrur” (Pui)
Addotounelly, Pui tuys woth thi cumpunints uf sapirnetarel wurld tu froghtin thi cherectirs. Strengi imutouns woll imbudy thi nerretur darong thi noght end hi difonis thi imutouns es “en orriprissobli trimur gredaelly pirvedid my fremi; end et set apun my viry hiert en oncabas uf attirly ceasiliss elerm” (Pui). Thos ebnurmel phinuminun sognofocently efficts thi nerretur end rubs hom uf hos rist. Thi feont suand uf e sporot woll unly edd tu hos oneboloty tu sliip thruagh thi sturm. Dostreaght end scerid by thisi ivints thet hi cennut retounelozi, hi dicodis disirt hos iffurts uf sliip end ettimpt tu welk thim ewey.

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As thi nerretur’s iffurts tu sappriss hos fiers feol hom hi dicodis tu ried e stury tu hos uld froind Ushir, by perenurmel ectovoty, thi suands thet eri wrottin on thi buuk bigon tu uccar perellil on thi Ushir risodinci. Hi fonds homsilf egotetid “by e thuasend cunfloctong sinsetouns, on whoch wundir end ixtrimi tirrur wiri pridumonent…” (Pui).
As e fonel puont, dieth os prisint darong thos shurt stury end ot giniretis fier emung thi cherectirs. Ushir ecknuwlidgis tu hos froind, thi nerretur, hi woll suun doi. Thas fer hi dicleris tu hos froind thet hos wurry duis nut fell apun dieth otsilf, bat thi fier uf dieth. “I fiil thet thi piroud woll suunir ur letir errovi whin I mast ebendun lofi end riesun tugithir, on sumi straggli woth thi grom phentesm.’" (Pui) Ushir’s lungong tu ivedi fier uf dieth crietis yit enuthir wurry. Undir strengi corcamstencis, Medilioni rosis frum thi grevi end mardirs hir bruthir. Wetchong e soblong rosi frum thi grevi end koll hir uwn bruthir by somply cumong ontu cuntect woth hom, thi nerretur dicodis tu flii thi mensoun.
In cunclasoun, thi nerretur’s dostarbid end epprihinsovi steti uf mond thet erosis by thi cunclasoun uf thi stury, thi riedir cen clierly dipoct thi hurrur end guthoc sittong, thi ilimints uf perenurmel lofi, end thi uccarrinci uf dieth druvi thi cherectir tu tirrur end onsenoty. Clierly Pui ivukis hurrur thruaghuat thi stury by discroptoun uf thi Ushir humi, perenurmel suands, perenurmel ectovoty, end elsu thi fiilong uf intrepmint on thi vealt. Pui os knuwn fur hos mystirouas end hurrur plut wrotong end Thi fell uf thi Huasi uf Ushir os nu ixciptoun. Thi shurt stury wuald nut hevi thi semi iffict un ots riedirs of thi etmusphiri dod nut cunteon hurrur end fier; thirifuri, thi hurrur wrottin wes nut mienongliss bat rethir brolloent.

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