The Use Of Kidnaping : Eugen Beilh A German Consul Essays

The Use Of Kidnaping : Eugen Beilh A German Consul Essays

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Other tactics that the ETA has used is kidnaping. Eugen Beilh a German consul in San Sebastian was kidnaped from Early December to December 24, 1970 in order to exchange him for the Burgos defendants (Barros, Carlos, Passos, and Gil-Alana, 341). Another kidnaping was performed on council member Miguel Angel Blanco in the Basque town of Ermua (Barros, Carlos, Passos, and Gil-Alana, 343). The ETA threated to kill him unless the Spanish government met the demands set forth by the ETA. Many other kidnaping took place and alongside bombing this was the most popular tactic used by the ETA but there were other tactics used on a smaller scale. ETA corresponding organisations which usually consist of minors devoted their efforts to the “kale borroka” or the street struggle where they performed tactics including burning busses, street lamps, ATMs, and garbage cans (Alexander, Swetnam, and Levine). Also they would resort to throwing Molotov cocktails.
In order to combat the ETA government including Spain enacted many counter terrorism measures. Yonah Alexander writes that there are eight fundamental elements that should be intricate to combating terrorism. “First the development of coherent, high-priority antiterrorism policies at the highest level of government. Second, an efficient organisational structure for dealing with terrorist acts. Third, enhancing global intelligence efforts and operations. Fourth, a strong law enforcement commitment to combating terrorism. Fifth, a far but just governmental system. Sixth, the development of appropriate covert military response. Seventh, an active public awareness program, and eighth, unilateral and multilateral coordination of response to terrorism” (Alexander, 170). Although of these elements a...

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...ust be coupled with offering them a way out when they realise that they cannot win by violence. Terrorist groups are rarely defeated by military means alone” (Blair).
The ETA is a unique terrorist organisation and the counter terrorist measures policies that were implemented although successful in this situation will not result necessarily in the same outcome if implemented. This being said Tony Blair is correct in that things can be learned from the ETA and how Spanish government dealt with the ETA. Every terrorist organisation is different and to lump them all together does not help when trying to understand the movement or when trying to combat terrorism. While lumping them together will not help looking for similarities and learning for other countries successes and failures is beneficial. The ETA is a great example to learn from because of the current success.

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