Use Of Invisibility Using Microwaves And Have Been Fairly Successful For Achieving Promising Results

Use Of Invisibility Using Microwaves And Have Been Fairly Successful For Achieving Promising Results

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With incredible interest in fiction stories such as Harry Potter, readers may not have to wait much longer for such farfetched ideas to become a reality. Scientists at Duke University have been studying the concept of invisibility using microwaves and have been fairly successful in achieving promising results. However, the current state of invisibility only works at a microwave level or for extremely small objects such as a strand of hair, meaning an object can be undetected, but still visible to the human eye.
While the concept of invisibility still exists one must be aware that microwaves are a type of electromagnetic radiation which is transmitted in waves at different lengths and frequencies. The varying waves and types fall into what is known as the electromagnetic spectrum which is generally divided into seven regions in order of decreasing wave length with increasing energy and frequency. It must be noted that the portion of visible light in the spectrum is actually fairly small. As such the microwaves fall between what is known as radio and infrared lights with frequencies ranging from three billion cycles per second with wavelengths of about thirty centimeters and are not visible to the naked human eye (Live Science - Microwaves). However, it should be noted that many electronic devices such as radar guns are able to see the microwaves, so the application of microwaves may still be useful for everyday practical applications.
Currently an invisibility cloak is being tested, while it only works at the microwave level, it is still closer to revealing the type of cloak which could hide a person in the broad daylight. The current form of the cloak is made up of a material known as a metascreen. A metascreen is created from...

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...troyed, therefore making an object invisible. While scientists now hope to move away from metamaterials thanks the phenomenon within a homogenous object, the idea of metamaterials was a helpful step in the discovery. Now that a homogenous object does not need to be coated it becomes much easier to produce, rather than trying to coat based on metamaterials which are extremely hard to fabricate and are not compatible with many other invisibility ideas. Thankfully we have gained new understandings of the scattering process and can now continue with further simplicity and cost effectiveness (Science Daily).
Thanks to the focus on electromagnetic invisibility we are now closer than ever to become invisible within the visible light spectrum of the electromagnetic spectrum. These new discoveries bring everyone closer reaching an exciting ability of a fictional character.

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