Use Of Imagery By Shakespeare 's Sonnets Essay

Use Of Imagery By Shakespeare 's Sonnets Essay

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Khaled Alshammari
Laura Willis
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The use of imagery by Shakespeare in his sonnets
Shakespeare’s sonnets comprise of 154 sonnets and all are written in the form of three quatrains as well as a couplet, which are regarded as Shakespearean. The sonnets are classified into two groups, those which addressed to a beloved friend, depicted as a noble and handsome young man and the other poems are shown to a malignant but fascinating young lady who he loves in spite of himself. However, most of Shakespeare’s sonnets mainly asses the inevitable decay of time coupled with the immortalization of beauty and love as applicable in poetry.
Sonnet 18 is one of Shakespeare well cherished sonnets. The sonnet is written in a plain language as well as content. It depicts the strength of love as wel as the associated power to immortalize the characters of the poets verse, in the theme. Shakespeare begins by praising a friend without ostentation, but slowly creates an image of the friend to resemble that os a complete being. For instance, a comparison of the friend to a summer in the octave has been done. At the beginningof a subsequent quatrain , the friend is summer; hence, this means that he has changed into that caliber throughthat cab ne used to evaluate true beauty and also assessed. However, the only answer that is offers by the poet is that to such an extensive hapiness that can forever be instilled in the mind , as such, should be saved from the oblivion, which accomplishes death. This is evident in the stanza and the person will be cinsidered with time. Further, the last couplet reaffirms the hope of the poet that incase therehappens to be some sort of breath in human beings, the poetry too will last long .
In most of...

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...erning the nature as well as its brief about the beauty of a loved one. Therefore, the use of symbols is equated to beauty, which gives the audience an image that is pleasing. However, it is true to some extent that the images as they are developed and explained are not pleasant. This means that the speaker compares the beauty of nature which can be interfered with, and is also seen as never perfect. Therefore, the speaker uses imagery to describe things or sights in nature which are seen to have the element of beauty, but the main challenge is that they are used to demonstrate the opposite of the meaning, that is what could be imagined as beautiful can be altered into something that has an ugly appearance. Works Cited
Shakespeare, William. Sonnet 18. Ed. Amanda Mabillard. Shakespeare Online. 24th May 2015 < >.

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