The Use Of Human Embryos For Stem Cell Research Essays

The Use Of Human Embryos For Stem Cell Research Essays

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The use of human embryos for stem cell research has been increasing in p around the world, and there has been some controversial arguments about it because it requires the destruction of early embryos. I think human embryo experimentation is unjust and wrongful because even though these early embryos are not born yet, they are still potential lives and should be considered human also.
An embryo is created when the male sperm unites with the female egg. After fertilization, the egg then starts to divide into more cells known as embryonic stem cells. 5 days later the embryonic stem cells become pluripotent, which means they can be used to produce or duplicate any type of adult cell in the body. Researchers believe that these cells could help major illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease. Scientists also believe that cells from early embryos called blastocysts have the potential to replace damaged or diseased cells once inserted into the body. (Szumski and Karson 11).
In 1978, embryonic stem cells were first discovered in umbilical cord blood, whereas the research of adult stem cells began in animal models. Embryonic research was still new to society when it got challenged in courts, and they were soon slandered by anti-abortion advocates who led the way to publicizing any research that involved the use of fetal tissue, which they argued was sacred. According to Szumski and Karson, in early 1974 Congress banned the federally funded fetal tissue research until guidelines were established. That same year, the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research was established by federal government, and its purpose was to establish policy regarding the protection of...

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... potential human beings. There are way more alternatives to stem cell research rather than cloning the embryos to kill them, such as cell extraction from amniotic fluid, extraction from non-embryonic cellular systems, and even extraction from already dead embryos. Despite the fact that a young embryo has not yet developed human characteristics, it should still be protected by human rights and be considered a potential human being.
In my opinion, I believe human embryonic stem cell research is unethical because so many embryos are destroyed. I agree that the research benefits society, but there are alternatives to the destruction of the embryos. Even though the young embryos haven’t developed human characteristics, they should still be considered potential human beings, because maybe one day that little embryo could grow up into a human that could change our future.

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