The Use of HPL Chromatography for Separation and Detection of Amino Acid in Plasma

The Use of HPL Chromatography for Separation and Detection of Amino Acid in Plasma

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Currently a period of rapid chromatography heyday is undergoing, its scope is extremely wide and includes sectors such as biotechnology, medicine, forensics, organic synthesis, environmental monitoring, obtaining ultrapure substances, analysis of space objects and more. A special place in the list of chromatographic methods takes liquid chromatography - the most versatile method of analysis based on non-destructive separation of substances. The latter allows applying liquid chromatography not only as an analytical, but also as a unique technological method for the isolation and purification of substances, when other methods are ineffective. One should also not forget that the very discovery and subsequent development of chromatographic methods started with liquid chromatography. There is a separate branch of liquid chromatography dubbed biomedical HPLC attached to biology and medicine. Objects of its research are the analysis of endogenous substances and drugs in biological fluids (blood, urine, saliva). Most of the researches in clinical biochemistry and clinical pharmacokinetics are successfully implemented using biomedical HPLC.
Amino acid analysis in biological fluids, primarily homocysteine, appears to be very important clinical problem. Hyperhomocysteinemia increases the risk of early development of atherosclerosis, thrombosis, coronary and cerebral blood vessels, and is a predictor of death (Barker, n.d.). Existing analytical techniques are complex and costly, both in time and in finance. So, providing a simple and reliable technology is required. For example, thiols, including homocysteine, cysteine and glutathione, are transparent to UV rays, and are not captured by the chromatographic apparatus. This, incidentally, is tr...

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