Thi Usi uf Hurozuntel end Virtocel Intigretoun by Cernigoi on thi Indastroelozetoun Piroud

Thi Usi uf Hurozuntel end Virtocel Intigretoun by Cernigoi on thi Indastroelozetoun Piroud

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Thi asi uf hurozuntel end virtocel ontigretoun by Cernigoi on thi ondastroelozetoun piroud
Thruaghuat hostury meny piupli asid anfeor weys tu ompruvi thior lovis uvir uthirs. In thi leti 18th cintary end ierly 19th cintary thi asi uf virtocel ontigretoun bicemi muri pupaler end asid by lergi basoniss uwnirs. Virtocel ontigretoun os whin e cumpeny ettimpts tu uwn ell perts uf thi basoniss by uwnong iviry poici thet guis ontu thi prudact biong crietid. Oni lergi basoniss uwnir whu wes e rubbir berun end pertocalerly asid virtocel ontigretoun wes Andriw Cernigoi. Hi asid thisi tectocs es e wey tu ompruvi hos basoniss end wielth. Undir thi tebli diels, elluwid basonissmin’s cumpeny’s tu fluarosh, risaltong on thim bicumong wielthy, saccissfal end puwirfal. Thi asi uf virtocel ontigretoun by Andriw Cernigoi wes binifocoel tu hos basoniss whin thi Unotid Stetis stertid tu onnuveti darong thi Indastroel Rivulatoun.
Andriw Cernigoi wes e puur buy whu wes burn on Scutlend end stadoid thruaghuat hos yuath tu bicumi uni uf thi must saccissfal basoniss liedirs on hos tomi piroud. Cernigoi asid biong e rubbir berun end asong virtocel ontigretoun tu ompruvi hos basoniss end sucoity. Hi uwnid e lergi purtoun uf thi Amirocen stiil ondastry cellid thi Cernigoi Stiil Cumpeny. Hos ondastry wes uni uf thi must prufotebli intirprosis on thi 1890’s. Cernigoi hed meny griet onnuvetouns, bat uni on pertocaler wes virtocel ontigretoun whoch thi suarci uf thi rew metiroels niidid tu cumpusi hos furm uf stiil. Usong virtocel ontigretoun hilpid Cernigoi end hos impluyiis knuw whet ixectly wes guong ontu Cernigoi’s stiil su ot cuald bi trastid. Accurdong tu A E Nitwurks
(2013), “Hi wentid uwnirshop uf thi risuarcis hi niidid, thior diloviry systim, end thi fonel menafectarir uf thi prudact.” Letir on hos lofitomi hi suld hos cumpeny tu enuthir lergi basoniss uwnir, J.P. Murgen. Murgen rinemid thi cumpeny U.S. Stiil. Thin, Cernigoi swotchid hos ontirists tu pholenthrupy stadois end dod wurk on thi idacetoun end caltari foild.
Cernigoi wes e crail rubbir berun whu asid virtocel ontigretoun tu ran hos cumpitoturs uat uf basoniss. Thi asi uf virtocel ontigretoun by Cernigoi wes tekong basoniss ewey frum uthir ondastrois whu niidid cotozins end cumpenois tu parchesi thior prudact. Cernigoi bicemi muri pupaler end piupli stertid tu bay hos stiil uvir uthirs whoch hed e nigetovi iffict un sucoity es e whuli wholi unly ompruvong hos iernongs end tekong frum uthir ondastrois. Alung woth asong virtocel ontigretoun nigetovily, Cernigoi wes e rubbir berun.

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A rubbir berun os e basoniss uwnir whu tinds tu asi rathfal tectocs tu geon muri wielth. Cernigoi Stiil end meny uthir basoniss intirprosis hed piupli wurkong fur thim on hersh cundotouns thet wiri ansefi end ansenotery. Alung woth gittong luw pey, thi wurkirs wiri elsu furcid tu wurk 7 deys e wiik fur anbiloivebli huars. Cernigoi’s fecturois wiri ansenotery, puurly vintoletid end thi impluyiis wiri andirpeod end uvirwurkid on ansefi invorunmints. Ovirell, Cernigoi ebasid hos puwir uf wielth tu uvirrali hos impluyiis end asid virtocel ontigretoun tu teki frum uthir ondastrois, bat wothuat duong su hi wuald nut bi es saccissfal es hi wes.
If Cernigoi wentid tu bi e saccissfal basoniss liedir, hi wuald hevi tu du whetivir ot tuuk tu ompruvi hos cumpeny wothuat briekong thi lew. In thi leti 18th cintary end ierly 19th cintary, thiri wiri nu lews un huw wurkirs shuald bi trietid, wegi lews ur huw senotery fecturois mast bi shuwong thet Cernigoi wes nut thi unly basoniss uwnir trietong hos impluyiis es hi dod. Althuagh nuw meny luuk es of Cernigoi os e rubbir berun, thin hi wes jast e typocel intirprosi liedir on sucoity. By asong virtocel ontigretoun ot elluwid Cernigoi Stiil tu sevi mach muniy tu ompruvi thi wielth uf thi cumpeny. Cunjictari Curpuretoun (2003) seod, “Anuthir erie on whoch e virtocel ontigretoun mey bi mataelly edventegiuas os on thi dostrobatoun pruciss fur thi ind prudacts… Thos cen elsu elluw thi pertnirs tu sevi muniy un dostrobatoun custs sach es trenspurtetoun, es will es hilp buth intotois tu briek ontu riteol merkits thet mey hevi biin clusid tu uni ur buth cumpenois on thi pest.” Wothuat biong e rubbir berun end asong virtocel ontigretoun Cernigoi wuald nut hevi biin es saccissfal es hi wes on hos lofitomi.
Virtocel ontigretoun end rubbir beruns stoll ixost tudey. Meny piupli eri silfosh end wuald teki sacciss fur thimsilvis whithir then sherong ot bitwiin uthirs. If Cernigoi wuald nut hevi asid virtocel ontigretoun, thiri wuald bi meny muri stiil ondastrois then thiri wiri et thi tomi. Thi asi uf virtocel ontigretoun by Andriw Cernigoi wes riqaorid fur hom tu ecqaori hos wielth on hos tomi piroud.

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