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Use Of God As A Principle Essay

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uses God as a principle. There was a lot of confusion going on as people didn’t know what to believe. Only Nat Turner and God know what the truth is. It’s a twisted way to see how religion was played in the Nat Turner rebellion. To finalize, the ideal point of the story of Nat Turner and the reasoning’s behind the Nat Turner Rebellion movement was to stop being owned by white slave owners and let African-Americans be free. Nat Turner rebellion was a savage movement towards justice for African-Americans freedom and a closer step to end slavery. Clearly, Turner left a noticeable act in America and he led a powerful path in order to leave a statement that African-Americans should not be treated like animals as they’re human beings as well.
The next movement that I will be addressing is called “Black Live Matter” movement and it is currently being presented in society today. One would think after all the fight that African-Americans have done to fight for freedom or laws that were created like the civil rights movement, underground railroad, Emancipation Proclamation, Fourteenth Amendment, Fifteen Amendment, Brown vs. Board, Rosa Parks act, and the creation of black panther party they are finally free and seen as a regular human being. As of today it is still an ongoing struggle that African Americans are still being attacked and viewed different. This movement has been seen in every major city in the United States of America. The people who participate in this movement often march around their city to protest how law enforcements treat African-Americans differently compared to a white person. This is where the term white privilege comes into play. Just by being born white you are officially privileged and not mistreated in America....

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...urner rebellion in order for African-Americans to truly be free in this country? Or is the Black Lives Matter movement slowly focusing on improving the lives of African Americans in the U.S.A. For anyone who is passionate about justice for the African-Americans one can only hope that it will only get better. It’s very difficult and uncomfortable to live in a world where one can get killed or mistreated just because of their ascribed status especially by police officers. Their job is to protect and serve but that just seems to be for strictly white people. For the African-Americans all they get is racial profiled and create assumptions real quick that may lead to another killing of an innocent human being. May there be one day when freedom is present for African-Americans, so they can feel safe wherever they go and most importantly privileged for being who they are.

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