Essay on The Use Of Force That Can Cause Death

Essay on The Use Of Force That Can Cause Death

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Nonetheless, the study by Hassett, also concluded facts about the use of force, which is force that can cause death. The "police use of excessive force- with or without shooting generates bitterness more than stops and searches, that are, or appear to be, racially motivated” (Skolkick, 2007). As a police officer, you are “required to make split-second decisions about whether to use deadly force..if they hesitate, they run the risk of being killed or seriously injured” (Dempsey John, Forst Linda, 137-139). Law enforcement is supposed to use the right amount of force, regardless of the race or crime that is involved. According to the book, “Policing,” by Dempsey and Forst, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2007, reported that out of 43.5 million contacts between police and citizens, only 1.6% of all the contact involved the police use of force. Yet, 16.8% of the persons involved in police force incidents, reported they provoked the officer (Dempsey John, Forst Linda 200). But do police discriminate? On Staten Island, NY on July 2014 the death of Eric Garner, an African-American male whom died due to the a “choke hold” by a white police officer, represents the racial conflict in our society. Subsequently, a month after in Ferguson, there was a fatal shooting of a college teenager Michael Brown, who died from a bullet by the white officer, Darren Wilson. The jury 's decision in Brown 's case, was to not indict Wilson, which triggered a further negative relationship between the African-American community and the police.
The article, "Officers Charged in Freddie Gray 's Death Will Be Tried in Baltimore, Judge Rules,” by Sheryl Stolberg, describes the killing of Freddie Gray, a 25-year old African man, who 'sustained a fatal spin...

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...I] saw the ways that the action tore into the officer 's soul and forced him to second-guess himself." We all let the bad racist actions of a few officers, the rotten apples, damage the law enforcement image entirely. This insight, gives us the chance to see how hard our law enforcement works in order to keep us safe, and how many of them are truly affected, when faced with life-threatening situations. “Police must be a part of the community in order to accomplish a sense of security in our homes; they need each other to help communities be as vibrant and safe as possible” (Dempsey John, Forst Linda, 310). However, it will take work to develop a positive relationship. But if we can truly change the negative relationship between the African-American community and our police officers, we can all, finally, work together to rehabilitate our youth and help our communities.

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