Essay on Use Of Foils Of A Good Guy And The Bad Guy

Essay on Use Of Foils Of A Good Guy And The Bad Guy

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One of the many clever things that Diaz does in his book is use foils within the characters. He has many characters contrast with one another, which sheds light on both their positive and negative qualities. Many of the foils make you pick a favorite or distinguish between the “good guy” and the “bad guy”. Some of the foils include Yunior and Oscar, La Inca and Belicia, and Belicia and Lola. When it comes to Lola and Beicia foiling one another, they are not really opposites, instead Lola is a lot like her mother despite her hatred towards her.
If you take a close look at Yunior and Oscar we can see why they contrast each other so much. First off, let us focus on our main character, the beloved Oscar. Oscar has a love for video games, he plays them everyday for hours straight. His love for video games is just as strong as his love for woman but there is one huge difference between both loves—Oscar reaches the highest levels in video games but cannot get past “level one” with the ladies. Oscar had this inner urge to be a hero and “rescue” all of the women whom he fell in love with, but as we all know nice guys seem to finish last. Wao was praised as a young boy for his playboy ways, juggling two girlfriends. In fact, at only seven years old his cousins and uncles would encourage his macho behavior. When he lost his game, his family and friends started telling him that he needs to be more Dominican reprimanded him. Oscar also had self esteem issues. We know that he focused so much time on his video games that he virtually hid behind the reality that he struggled with every day. Science Daily tells us that Oscar’s behavior is not uncommon, in fact many young adults remove themselves from important social settings to play video games...

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...that was able to model that behavior and show that not all Dominicans are the same.
Junot Diaz did a superb job at portraying what Dominican life was like. He exhibited stereotypes within the culture but also showed us that not every Dominican is the same. This book focuses on growing up as a Dominican—not just growing up. Culture is a huge factor in every single character. I tend to wonder if this story would have had a different outcome if the characters were not Dominican. Would Belicia’s life be easier if she was married, would the Lola be less promiscuous with men, would Oscar be more confident? It is obvious that the lack of fathering played a huge role in this story, but culture itself played an even greater one. Diaz shapes these characters around their culture. Just as John Abbot says, “Every man 's ability may be strengthened or increased by culture”.

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