Essay about Use Of Enbrel ( For Autoimmune Disease )

Essay about Use Of Enbrel ( For Autoimmune Disease )

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Enbrel (for autoimmune disease):
Enbrel is similar to Daraprim — the drug Martin Shkreli’s company prices at $750 per pill — in that doctors prescribe it for HIV/AIDS patients. While the drug is $1,117 per month under the UK’s National Health System (NHS), but the average health plan in the US charges between $1,946 and $4,006 per month for the drug.
Celebrex (for pain):
According to the IFHP, Celebrex is commonly prescribed for pain around the world. The drug costs just $51 in Canada, but between $139 and $431 per month in the US.

Copaxone (for multiple sclerosis):
Over 400,000 people in the US have multiple sclerosis (MS), a debilitating condition that affects the body’s central nervous system. Copaxone — one of the drugs used to treat it — costs between $862 and $1,357 per month in Europe. But in the US, Copaxone costs between $3,900 and $4,018 each month, which is roughly the median monthly income in the US.

Cymbalta (for anxiety and depression):
According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 18 percent of US adults suffer from anxiety and depression in a given year, and Cymbalta is one of the most common prescriptions for anxiety and depression. The ADAA also estimates that those conditions cost the US approximately $42 billion each year. While the drug only costs $46 per month under an NHS health plan, Cymbalta costs at least 4 times as much in the US — between $161 and $349 on most plans.

Gleevec (for leukemia):
Gleevec, which is used to treat several types of cancers — including leukemia — is astronomically more expensive in the US than in similar nations. The average US health plan charges between $5,482 and $11,007 for the drug, but the same drug is available for $989 per month in New Zeala...

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...d on quality and costs. This system has proven to be very effective. In 2010, 72% of Dutch adults saw their doctor the same or next day when they were sick, compared with only 57% of adults in America. And, whereas one third of U.S. adults did not see a doctor when sick, went without recommended care, or failed to fill prescriptions due to costs, only 6% of adults in the Netherlands faced these issues.
7. Canada (Population 34.48 million, GDP US$1.736 trillion)
In the realm of health care, America and its neighbor couldn’t be more different. Canada’s national health care system consists of a centralized body that sets standards that the 13 Canadian provinces must follow to receive funding. Hospitals are mainly private nonprofit organizations with their own governance structures, lending Canada an interesting balance between privatization and public ownership.(

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