The Use Of Drugs Based On The Best Judgement Argument Essay

The Use Of Drugs Based On The Best Judgement Argument Essay

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When a state is neutral between different concepts of the good life, then it should not prohibit the use of drugs based on the best judge argument. Which says that people are the best judges regarding what is in their best interest in pertaining to the good life (Caney 463). Individual should be allowed to partake in recreational drugs because a neutral state allows them the autonomy to make decisions free from coercion, which helps shape a person’s personal identity.
The first argument to support the idea that governments should not prohibit the recreational use of drugs based on the best judgement argument, is that for a government to truly be neutral regarding different concepts of the good life, then they should fully support a person’s autonomy. Autonomy can be considered one of the highest pleasures regarding the concept of the good life, this is because it allows a person to make the necessary decisions in their life to help establish their concept of the good life. Autonomy will allow a person to decide if recreational drug use is necessary. This decision process for some would include the temptation and the action of trying different recreational drugs, and to some the enjoyment. While others will dislike or find the recreational use of drugs unnecessary. However, an individual will be unable to know what their opinion on recreational drug use is, without experimentation.
Experimenting with life is only experienced through autonomy, because people must have the freedom to try new things and make decisions. However, some experiments might lead to bad decision, they are necessary to truly understand what the good life entails. If a government is promoting neutrality towards the good life, but begin to prohibit recreation...

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...own individuality. This individuality is what ultimately makes human beings different from animals, because it is a personal identity that makes one unique and establishes their own concept of the good life. This is a necessary so one may live a fulling life, because without the ability to make mistakes and learn from them an individual will just become a part of the masses, like an animal following his master.
In conclusion, based on the concept of the best judgement argument, a government who is participating in neutrality regarding the concept of the good life should not hinder a person’s ability to choose and participate in recreational drugs. This is because prohibition hinders a person, and coerces their personal identity, and view on the good life. While, recreational drug use may not be for all, it is an allowable decision in the creation of the good life.

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