The Use Of Directing The Great Success Of Power Essay

The Use Of Directing The Great Success Of Power Essay

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Engineering has been an interesting form of career and is often discussed in the society. It can be expressed as a mean in which people try to find the solutions of problems. Finding the solutions will allow them to understand more about the physical world they live in. This may greatly improve the society, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency in the daily life scenarios. This opinion is supported by Tredgold (1828) as "[e]ngineering is the art of directing the great success of power in nature for the use and convenience of man." In dealing with the ways for solving problems, engineers have designed numerous methods which would provide different approaches. According to Florman (1976), engineering is said to be "the art or science of making practical." Thus, engineering is the continuous process, where many calculations, analysis and theories are made so that there will be answers to the challenges. In the real world, there is no right solution and in fact, there can be many acceptable solutions. The world of engineering can, therefore, be assumed as open-minded, where different ideas are welcomed and they are conducted for the ideal condition for a specific problem.

The engineering has evolved over time and it has been classified into each “subsystems”. This allows each engineer to explore their interest, in relation to the respective fields. This form of classification is known as engineering disciplines, which would divide each engineering field into different categories. Among these engineering disciplines, I would find Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering interesting. Although these two careers are similar, they are different in their nature. As for mechanical engineering, it has been there since t...

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... a thought on other careers. Sometimes, I would go very far and set a goal in a new field. I should not have a different mind to refract myself from a primary focus. Otherwise, I would not be able to achieve glory in the future.

For an internship/ industry experience, I would be interested in an electrical circuits or electronics company. As I am studying Electrical systems, it would be beneficial to be involved in such fields. I keep my option open for mechanical and computation experience. In these disciplines, I can find the overview as an engineer. During my year of study, I would join the engineering clubs where I can gain vast knowledge. I will discuss in some topics such as part time jobs and volunteering. With advices from my colleagues, I might apply for a job during the summer breaks. This will improve my resume and I can have a better career opportunity.

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