Use of destructive gear in the North-coast of Honduras Essay

Use of destructive gear in the North-coast of Honduras Essay

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1.1 Introduction
Managing artisanal fisheries is crucial for achieving sustainable fisheries. According to Jacket and Pauly (2008) artisanal fisheries around the world are much more efficient than commercial fisheries, provide higher social benefits and fewer disturbances on marine ecosystems. Yet, artisanal fisheries have led to a significant impact on marine ecosystems. The rising coastal populations, the growing fishing effort and the use of destructive fishing gear are affecting marine ecosystems. Hence, to understand and manage the impacts of artisanal fisheries is one of the main concerns of marine conservation. In Honduras, the main management tools for marine conservation are marine protected areas and the artisanal fishing law regulations. However, the effort to understand and manage artisanal fisheries can be considered low. Interdisciplinary research linking ecological, socioeconomic, and cultural aspects of artisanal fisheries is non-existent.
1.2 Problem statement
It is widely accepted that artisanal fisheries in Honduras are in decline, the main reason being overfishing. Overfishing is a result of poor institutional capacities to enforce the existing regulations and the lack of a legal framework regulating the access to artisanal fishing sites. Despite regulations, the use of destructive fishing gear such as beach seines, trammel nets and harpoons is still openly used, menacing the marine resources. The impacts of most artisanal fishing may be low, but the impact of some communities using destructive gear endangers the livelihoods of others and triggers conflict.
Some of the reasons for the use of destructive fishing gear have been identified. Although poverty and the lack of alternative livelihoods have been p...

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