Use Of Critical Thinking On Our Lives

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The use of critical thinking is an extremely important, and almost impossible to live without, skill we use in our day to day lives. Since our origins as a species we have been faced with countless different scenarios where we must use critical thinking. In our modern everyday lives we are using these skills which we have developed, often without even realizing we are using them. Although we do use critical thinking so often in our lives there are many more areas that we could use them in order to save money, time, energy and even to add comfort to our lives. The use of critical thinking starts from the moment we get out of bed. We must decide what clothes we will wear, but in order to do so we must first think about what we will be doing throughout the day and also what the weather will be like where ever we will be going. Too often have I seen individuals unprepared for various weather scenarios that they would have been easily able to prepare for if that had thought critically when choosing an outfit. One often overlooked, but very important area that critical thinking should ...
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