Use Of Cell Phone And The Cell Phones Essay

Use Of Cell Phone And The Cell Phones Essay

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The Use of Cell Phone

The cell phones usage started in 1973. Motorola was the first company to invent cell phones. They produced first cell phones which were connected with the cars. (‘’http:’’). People were using car cell phones primarily for business. Companies started up dating cell phones technologies throughout the years. Cell phones technologies has variety of options. The use of google maps, which people use to find addresses, how many mileage people need to drive? Video chatting, people use to make a video call where they can see the person they are talking to library book store app, the old days people will have to buy the books from bookstore but now people can download any book they want and save to their phones. Therefore, everybody should depend using cell phone in their daily makes easier to connect with families, and what is happening around the world.
First advantage of people to use cell phone is, people communicate with their families, and friends, work, people like my father generation they didn’t had cell phone. So whenever my father wanted to contact with his family and friends who lived different places, he would either write a letter to them. Or he will record voice cassette and they would reply after days or months later. So these days when I call him through his cell phone any time I want. He would say I am so happy, because you are connected with me all the time. Another example is whenever I want to contact with my friends who live in different places, I will just send them text and they will reply right away. People can use many forms to communicate with other people, like people do sometimes. People use video chatting through their cell phone. My friend who lives in London ...

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...ngers such as changes in the sleep pattern and attention deficit (ADD) in children have been attributed to cell phone usage although no research have proven it.
In conclusion, the cell phone idea was started for business but today billions of people carry it in their pockets and use it in their daily lives. From the day it was introduced until now, cell phone usage has brought many positives for the society. Compared to 40 years ago, today we can easy communicate with family and friends. We can also pay our bills without going to the store. Cell Phone use has also brought some negatives for the society. Many accidents are caused by distracted drivers, especially teenage drivers. Using cell phone constantly also may cause health problems such as hearing loss, cancer, and sleep issues. In my opinion, cell phone has more benefits than problems for the society.

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