Essay on The Use Of Causality, Changes, And The Effects Of The French Revolution

Essay on The Use Of Causality, Changes, And The Effects Of The French Revolution

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orical Analysis of Causality, Changes, and the Effects of the French Revolution

In history, there has been many revolutions. Most revolutions lead to another, they often occur in sequence. An example of a revolution that led to another is the Seven Years war also known as the French and Indian war. This war or revolution as I like to say led to the American Revolution, which later on led the French Revolution. The seven years’ war and American Revolution played a big role in the development of the French revolution. The primary cause of the French Revolution was the growing concern over the absolute power of the monarchy that excluded the middle and lower classes from have a say in the government. Louis XVI was the absolute monarch during the early stages of the revolution, which served as a catalyst for extreme governmental neglect, starvation, and abuse of the lower and middle classes during the 1780s. More so, an increased interest in liberal Enlightenment principles, the American Revolution, and Republican government created a middle class platform for protesting the king as a barrier to participatory government. Comparing and contrast between the American and French Revolutions will also explain these aspects of revolutionary ideology in the late 18th century.
One of the most important causes of the French Revolution is based on the restrictions placed on the middle classes by the absolute monarchy of Louis XVI. In the 1780s, the rise of the French middle classes provided a major counterpoint to the total dominance of the King, which was powered by enlightenment principles, as well as the success of the American Revolution. Representational government was a huge factor in the rise of revolutionary spirit, since many membe...

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...f King George III’s taxation policies. This type of political activism eventually resulted in the Declaration of Independence by Founding Fathers:
“The Whig slogan had been “No representation, no taxation.” Describing the Declaration of Independence clause charging George III with “imposing taxes on the people without our consent” (Gladney 3).
This type of political and militaristic motivation was a major foundation for the American Revolution, which definitely inspired the French Revolution in terms of generating greater republican fervor to countermand the absolute monarchy of King Louis XVI. Much like the American colonists, the lower and middle classes were seen as mere servant of the Crown, but they being mercilessly exploited by the aristocracy and the king. The formation of Estates-General and more importantly, the National Assembly, defines the influence of

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