Use Of Antibiotics For Treatment Of Clinical Mastitis Essays

Use Of Antibiotics For Treatment Of Clinical Mastitis Essays

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Ruegg, Pamela L. "Responsible Use of Antibiotics for Treatment of Clinical Mastitis." Extensions. Extensions, 26 Oct. 2015. Web. 20 Nov. 2016.
In the article “Responsible Use of Antibiotics for Treatment of Clinical Mastitis”, Pamela brings forth insight regarding what the disease of Mastitis, that affects cows, and its many variations of Mastitis. She also states several different types of antibiotics which may be used for each individual form of said disease. She talks about a study done all across the state of Wisconsin showing how at times many forms of Mastitis is treated without a direct or clear knowledge as to what antibiotics those symptoms need. She also addresses the role a Veterinarian has within these situations, since they are the ones who should be responsible in providing the correct medicine for the cows. Pamela also goes further in depth as to providing the correct amount of certain antibiotics set to be used on cows and which one is not allowed to be given to cows under any condition as she states “No extralabel use of Sulfonamides is allowed in adult dairy cows”.
This article provided clarity as to what Mastitis is and why so many antibiotics are used in cows. All of her work portrays knowledge that is backed up by concreat facts thus bringing a sense of trust to her work, since all of her facts are backed up by at least one reliable source. At times, her work can be worded in a way that makes it hard to understand thus creating confusion, until one is able to define certain words like; Streptococcus agalactiae and Staphylococcus aureus. At the end of her article she creates a guideline to follow in case someone is trying to find the cause or treatment of Mastitis, but she continues to emphasise that a Veter...

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...s, and when milk is Homogenized it is diffused through hair like tubes that in a way dissolve the fat. The authors then describe the reasons why organic-raw milk is the best option, since the cow is grass-fed, non-cruelty and is not injected with antibacterial or growth hormones leading for it to be a better and safer alternative.
This article provided an insight to the differenced between non-organic and raw-organic milk. It is able to clearly explain the difference in the growth of the cows and in the process the milk is treated. The tone throughout the article is very calm and knowledgeable since Ronnie Cummins is the international director of the Organic Consumers Association and Elaine Ferrer is a contributing writer to Organic Consumers. There are several studies that are there to support their main topics giving reliable sources to establish their knowledge.

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