The Use Of Animal Testing On Cosmetics Essay

The Use Of Animal Testing On Cosmetics Essay

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A large number of cosmetics and health care products must be tested on animals to guarantee their safety for human use. American women use on average 12 personal care products per day, therefore product safety is of great importance. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supports the use of animal testing on cosmetics to assure the safety of a product or ingredient ("US Food & Drug Administration", 2015). The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938 was passed after a legally advertised toxic mixture killed 107 people, including several children. This act made it customary to test products on animals so that similar instances would not happen. The FDA now instructs cosmetic manufacturers to do whatever is appropriate and necessary for managing the safety of their products for consumers ("US Food & Drug Administration", 2015).
Comparatively, China requires that ALL cosmetics be tested on animals before they are able to be sold in stores (Fisher, 2013). Therefore, cosmetic companies in the United States must have their products tested on animals if they want to have them distributed and sold in China. Additionally, mosquito repellent, which helps defend humans from malaria and other dangerous diseases, must undergo toxicological testing that requires the use of animals in order to be sold in the United States and Europe (Fisher, 2013).
Cosmetic products being tested on animals is necessary to ensure human safety. Without the capability to test cosmetics on animals before being put on shelves to be sold to consumers, it would be challenging for scientists to make a knowledgeable guess about these products’ safety. But with animal testing, the creators of these products are able to conduct trial and error to discover more a...

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...cience state that cosmetic testing on animals has led to dramatic developments in research that have improved and affected the quality of life (Jha & Lewis, 2006). These scientists want to continue to use animals in research because they give the chance for new breakthroughs and improvements. Moreover, most scientists follow the ends justify the means philosophy (Jha & Lewis, 2006). They see humans as being greater than animals and they would favor that animals suffer to guarantee the safety of humans.
If testing cosmetics on animals is prohibited, then that would leave only humans as the test subjects. Would people actually volunteer themselves for such scientific experiments? Considering the huge risks that would be involved, most would say that this is not very likely. It would be incredibly reckless to use a product on humans without testing it on animals first.

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