Use of Animal in Scientific Research Essay

Use of Animal in Scientific Research Essay

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“Maybe not wrong for everyone---it was clearly a complicated and individual choice---but wrong for me” (McCarthy 638). The use of animals in scientific research provokes ethical issues and casts doubt on the reliability of using animals in testing. Alternatives to animal testing are accessible and should be used instead of living animals.
The personal choices dealing with animal testing proposes ethical issues that make people use their intuition. The preservation of life is choice. Poste says, “A hallmark of humanity is our ability to care about other species” (Poste). Poste recognizes a genuine principle that is shown throughout history. There have been animals that have almost gone extinct. Something inside of humans recognized this and observed preservation as a necessity. The care inside human’s hearts is what prevented the nearly-extinct animals to continue living. The same care should carry over again for defenseless creatures that are being continuously researched on. McCarthy states, “Nobody seemed happy” (McCarthy 636). McCarthy also identifies a problem when in her essay; she discloses information of the first grout to finish their lab on animal research, namely dogs. The disdain that McCarthy saw in her fellow colleagues leads the reader to see that something inside them felt bad. Furthermore, the human desire is to protect lives, not execute them. That feeling of hurt or the need to take care of something reiterates the preservation of life that is inside everyone. Evidenced by the researchers’ compassion, humans’ feelings towards animals are very personal. In the article, “An Ethical Argument Against Vivisection”, “Animals are seen simply as resources – as little more than products to make our lives more convenient ...

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... we are morally obligated to protect infants, the developmentally disabled, and the mentally ill” (“An Ethical Argument Against Vivisection”). Humans have to realize that the choice is in their hands. Animal testing is wrong and people must stand up for animals because no one else can.

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