Use Of And Repetition Of Ratios And Proportions Essay

Use Of And Repetition Of Ratios And Proportions Essay

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I choose to focus on the use and repetition of ratios and proportions as my major theme in chemistry. Throughout this sequence of instruction, my goal was for the students to seamlessly tie mathematics into the science curriculum. I wanted students to recognize the interconnectedness of the two subjects by emphasizing the association of ratios throughout chemistry and to realize the importance of ratios in real life. Ratios are found in all aspects of life and I wanted to open their eyes to this. Ratios are use in discounts, budgeting, and coupons at the grocery store; understanding ratios would also enable student to understand interest on loans and how they are paid off. A basic comprehension of how the world works in a series of ratios and proportions will help the student understand the large topics in science and math as well as in art and technical courses such as culinary arts, draft, and masonry. My students get a chance to take career and technical classes in their first few years of high school, so refreshing that knowledge makes a topic in science applicable in a variety of courses. At the beginning of the semester, two of the students said they wanted to be chemical engineers; one even stated he was interested in material engineering. Ratios are a huge part of polymers and strength analysis. If I got them to see how ratios are a theme in chemistry, this would help them see this connection again and again while understanding how to solve these problems using the knowledge gained in this course. This is why I normally start the semester with ratios of some form.
We started the semester with ratios in the form of unit conversions, such as converting centimeters to meters. This was to get the students working on simple ma...

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...activity because it helped lead students to understand why chemical formulas are written a certain way. They needed to know that in CO2, there were two oxygen for every carbon and that when splitting the molecule, they would get twice as much oxygen as carbon. Dalton used similar experiments to build the first modern atomic model, which was our foundational principal at this point in the class. When we covered balancing equations we used the PHET Colorado website to visualize the atoms as we balanced them. This allowed the students to see what balanced meant on a molecular level. Balancing equations can be difficult for visual learners to comprehend, and using this simulation bridged that gap. Allowing the students who are not always the most willing to participate in the Smart board simulation increased buy in to the activity as well as understanding of the concept.

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