Use Of Advertising And Its Effects On Teenagers And Body Image Essay

Use Of Advertising And Its Effects On Teenagers And Body Image Essay

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Term Paper / Minor Paper

Submitted by :Harjot kaur dhillon
Submitted to: Ms. Rupali Misra

I Harjot Kaur Dhillon declare term paper/minor project report entitled " Advertising and it 's effects on teenagers and body image" that I have submitted is original. I was in regular contact with the nominated guide and contacting her for discussing the project.

Date of project :
Submitted by: Harjot Kaur Dhillon

Faculty comments:

Faculty signature:

My sincere gratitude to all the concerned people,for guiding me throughout my term paper/minor paper and helping me in reaching my goal.
I express my heartiest thanks, to my nominated guide, Mrs Rupali Misra,for keeping up the patience with me and coming to an aid,for guiding me well throughout the term paper,so as to how to go about it,coping up with stress and deadlines regarding the project.
I would further like to thank all those people who become a part of my research work,being a helping shoulder, without whom,the completion of the project would not have been possible.
I would like to thank Amity College Of Commerce And Finance for giving me this opportunity to do this project and select my own topic.

Chapter 1:
*objectives of the paper
2.limitations of the study
Chapter 2:
1.literature Review
chapter 3:
1.Research methodology
*Recognizance survey
*Data collection
Chapter 4:
*Luxury Brands: Quality, Status and Appeal

Chapter: 5
Chapter 6:

India bring the golden bird has had a rich tradition of luxury. India has experienced...

... middle of paper ...

...nd jewellery. Indian fashion designers are coming up on there own . For instance, Ritu Kumar, TarunTahiliani and Sabyasachi are setting up stores abroad and expanding. Hidesign being an example of a top leather brand, and Amrut is an Indian single malt which has received rave reviews.The royal heritage of India gives a platform for high luxury services-hospitality, spas,fine dining, . ITC,Taj, OberoI have are now big names all over the world.



-Glyn Atwal,Soumya Jain
The luxury market in India
-Glyn Atwal
Luxury brands in emerging markets
Commercial studies

Journal articles: International journal of marketing, financing services and management research.vol.1 issue 7

encyclopedia article:
Britannica-reference encyclopedia,page 23

Newspaper articles:
Economics times
“global powers of luxury goods”


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