USA´s Participation in World War I and Their Contribution Essay

USA´s Participation in World War I and Their Contribution Essay

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The United States of America was isolated for a very long time from the world but that all changed during the last years of WW1. I think that it was right for the U.S.A to join the war because of all the trouble Germany gave to Americans from bombing their ships to dealing with Mexico. The U.S.A had the right to enter WW1 due to the Germans sinking countless ships with American passengers headed Britain. The main reason was because of Germans U-boats sinking countless ships with people on it but then the Germans had sunk the Lusitania ship headed toward Britain carrying over 100 hundred American lives. By sinking the Lusitania ship the U.S.A became furious at Germany. Even after sinking the Lusitania, the Germans continued to shoot down and sink more cargo and passenger ships headed toward Britain. After knowing how enraged America was they continued shooting down ships with American passengers. The U.S.A would have stayed out of the war but eventually Germany caused enough trouble to make them join. Ships that were sunk included merchant and weapon ships from U.S.A ...

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