Essay Usability Of Ecommerce : Online Shopping Made Easier

Essay Usability Of Ecommerce : Online Shopping Made Easier

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Usability in Ecommerce: Online Shopping Made Easier
In today’s market, e-commerce websites are growing at very fast pace, helping online consumers to shop at ease and achieve their goals in their everyday lives. Most of these websites are designed to provide the basis of business services such as online business transactions but do not make purchasing easy for customers.
Generally, an ecommerce website should be user-friendly so that customers can find it useful, interactive and be able to make purchase easily. Such website should always catch the attention of customers and keep hold of them. However, nowadays, many e-commerce websites are failing to keep hold of customers. Why? Just because your website is aesthetically pleasing and operational doesn’t mean you will sell like hotcakes. You need to dwell more on e-commerce usability, make your website more usable.
Want to have a successful e-commerce business? Here are essential usability guidelines in making online shopping easy for your customers.
Effective e-commerce search engine
Many customers prefer to search for products rather than browsing through the categories. Unfortunately, e-commerce search engine doesn’t work well on some websites. You need to make sure that search engine works well and preferably has filters for letting customers refine their results. Product search-ability is a key factor of success in e-commerce and brings in much revenue. Make sure your search engine recognizes popular queries. Allow your search engine to do spell check and auto suggestion, it really helps users to remember or type correctly a product name. If they misspell a product, they may not find what they want and they will think the product is not available on the website. Spell chec...

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...a single page with just billing and shipping information and a confirmation page that their order has been completed.
Sign up before checkout process should be optional. Even though this helps the website to capture customer information but it is advisable to give users the option of checking out without signing up on the website.
Mobile Usability
According to hubspot, “Mobile commerce is the current darling of the ecommerce world.” Every ecommerce website should be mobile-friendly. Customers should be able to view your website – mobile version on their devices. Customers can shop online anytime and anywhere, so let them have an easy access to your website whenever they want to actually purchase a product.
The success of e-commerce websites lies on your website usability, which helps to improve user experience and helps to increase your site revenue.

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