Essay on USA Immigration: Undocumented People

Essay on USA Immigration: Undocumented People

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Undocumented people- The term undocumented people defines the millions of immigrants who currently exist in the United States without legal right. Although not exclusively from Latin America, a majority of undocumented person are citizens of Latin American countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. They compose a large portion of the labor force in the service industry. They are particularly well represented in the agriculture, restaurant, hotel, and construction industries, especially in the South Western United States. Most illegal immigration to the United States occurred between 1982 and 2007 (Barone). Many of them have lived in the United States for decades and have been US Taxpayers (in the form of FICA, FUTA, & SUTA) during that time. Additionally many of them have children who are American citizens (as a consequence of being born in the United States).
Their interest in immigration reform is the clearest cut of all the groups profiled. They by and large want to remain in the United States where they have jobs, businesses, and children. Many of them would choose to become American citizens were that pathway open to them. Currently the only legal path open to them is to return to their country of origin and apply for citizenship. This is obviously an untenable path for people who have the majority of their assets, family, and increasingly cultural ties to the United States. Many undocumented persons were brought to the United States by their parents and have grown up as Americans, often being unable to speak their parent’s native language. For many the prospect of being deported represents a catastrophe with the potential to destroy their lives. They desperately want immigration reform to ensure their status i...

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...te for more desirable higher paying jobs(Dinan). From a taxpayer perspective this will allow 11 million new citizens full access to benefits and the social safety net ultimately leading to a higher demand for government services and consequentially greater taxes(Heritage).

My priority is security of the border, ensuring American citizens are prioritized first, and maintaining the smooth functioning of our economy. By keeping the aspects of the bill that beef up border security we will be able to finally enjoy a secure and defended border. By limiting the ability of citizens to bring in their relatives we will reduce the incentive to illegal immigration and ensure our policies are focused on what is best for Americans. And finally by allowing a guest worker program we will create an outlet for labor to flow into the United States where it is needed economically.

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