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It is accepted that the use of English language has increased steadily in the last 50 years all over the world. English language is important for travelling involves package holidays, sporting occasions, business meetings, international conventions, military occupations, academic conferences and transportation and lodgings (Crystal 2003). Some people believe that the USA economic power influenced spread of English by majority of institutions and other areas, such as UN, Hollywood and TV programmes. On the other hand, other people claim that language of English already have been used by majority of countries which is colony (Crystal 2003). This essay will firstly describe how economic power of the USA influence on spread of English to the world. Secondly, essay will point out opposing arguments that the colony of Britain. This essay will argue and indicate that truth of situation that the US English is the dominate world language nowadays.

This economic power influenced institutions and organization and another area. First of all, significant number of institutions such as UN (United Nations) and IMF (International Monetary Fund), WB (World Bank) is managed their language by US English. Crystal (1997, p8) describes how “85% of international organizations now use English as one of their working language”. Therefore, 99% of European organizations are made a recent yearbook of international associations by English (Graddol, 1997). Therefore, it is clear insistence that US English is dominant world language and it affect in politician and economic of significant number of countries.

In addition, there are corroborating evidence which is English of the USA is predominance globally.
In 1951, Civil Aviation Organization agreed that English should be the international language for pilots and controllers (Crystal, 2003). This means that if more than one language were in use, it may cause misunderstanding. Consequently, hazard of accident would be existed. For example, in 1977, there is fearful cases the crash of two Boeing 747`s in Tenerife (Crystal, 2003). This figure indicates that US English is existed as international language closely in our living.

Besides, it is believe that Internet facilitate to extend USA language. According to Crystal (2001) said that 64% of Internet hosts are to be found in the USA. Moreover, Crystal (2001, p121) pointed out:
To study molecular genetics, all you need to get into Harvard University Library, the Internet and World Wide Web really only work as great unifiers if you speak English.

These evidences also indicate that the dominance of the language is verbal communication of USA.

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Especially, as significant number of people knows that important of Internet has rose up exponentially Hence, Internet will support the extension.

Finally, other factors are also important that the rapid spread of the US English as the principal of language to worldwide. Fraenkel and Haill, O`Riodan (2002, p25) claim “Hollywood has helped, of course, as well as the American media, especially television”. In addition, according to The Economist (2011) “Hollywood has always been an international business, but it is becoming dramatically more so”. A glance at the figure provided reveals US economic power also includes their culture and tendency. This means that economic force with culture and propensity affects the spread of English to the world.

Despite these proofs, some people do not agree that US English is international language. British Empire established that English is significant important means of communication in considerable parts of Asia, Africa and Caribbean, of course, US, Canada , New Zealand and Australia ( Fraenkel, Haill and O`Riordan, 2002). In addition, Leith (cited in Graddol, 1997) pointed out “L1 (First language) and L2 (Second language) English speaking communities result from different colonial processes”. These figures support opposing arguments that even US economic power is significantly strong, British Empire spread British`s English initially to other countries.

In conclusion, this essay have discussed the subject that the US English is the dominate world language nowadays. Although majority of people allege their assertion that British English is original worldwide language with evidence that colony of British, this essay agrees that US economic power have considerable effect that spread of US English globally, because there are a wide range of figures, such as world institution and US culture and tendency and standard of transport language support the agreement.

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