U.S. Policeman in Other Countries Essay

U.S. Policeman in Other Countries Essay

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World Peace has been something that the united States has tried to maintain. This has been a cause of controversy as to whether the United States should intervene in the problems of other countries. Because the U.S. is the most powerful nation, it has a responsibility to help others. There are benefits to U.S. intervention such as helping other countries, having allies when we are in trouble and, freedom worldwide; however, drawbacks exists such as killing our own, financially, and we intervene, we will need to keep our guard up.
As American our first reaction is to aid other’. The United States can not sit around or look away while people in other countries kill innocent lives. “The U.S. needs to take a stand to help those who are super powerful in order to promote peace.” (Debate.org 1) “I know that the U.S. is tired of war and conflit, but American will lose it moral compass if we just sit by and watch… we had to stop evil.” (CNN.com 5) If the U.S. helps the other countries innocent children and adults will not die and will be safe in the long run. “Obama said the image and videos of children in pain and dying required the United States to act… Syria and U.S. children alike safer in the long run” (The Canadian Press 1)
When the U.S. protects other countries rights we are showing them that we are loyal and trustworthy, so when we need their help, we know we can count on them. “America must look after America and its allies.” (The press 1) Also keep our trading partners close because without them we won’t get supplies that the U.S. need. “We can protect U.S. interest trading partners, military allies, countries with needed resources.” (Balanced Politics.org) But we should protect our allies from their rules who abuse the...

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... hand. We believe in freedom and as americans we help each other out when we need a helping hand. Now, it is up to our government leaders to make the right choice and allow the U.S. to keep sending our troops to help countries that can not defend themselves. We have the most powerful nation, and it has responsibility to help out.

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