U.s. Operating Overseas Campuses Essay

U.s. Operating Overseas Campuses Essay

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The surge with colleges and universities in the U.S. operating overseas campuses continues to increase. For decades, the growing demands of higher education have fueled the interest of institutions across the world to internationalize programs studies currently offered at main campuses. The term internationalization has been used since the 1980 to indicate "process of integrating an international, intercultural, and global dimensions into the purpose, functions (teaching, research, services) and the delivery of post-secondary education" (Knight, 2003 p.2) Institutions must remain competitive and afloat of ‘higher education" trends and practices. Innovative business models and strategic plans must support the “mission” of colleges and universities with importing and exporting "high quality" education overseas campuses are becoming more and more prevalent at both two and four-year institutions.
Ideally, the advantages schools operating aboard not only render higher education opportunities for those countries with limited access, but influences evolving revenue sources, cultural awareness, and research studies cultivating institutional mission. Worldwide institutions envision becoming relevant in the inner circles of Higher Education globalize community. However, the disadvantages and potential risks factors globalization might have on the institution "mission" must not be ignored. Institutional globalization pitfalls include Accreditation risks with the institution 's "governing accrediting body", Federal Financial Aid eligibility requirements disqualifying international students from receiving aid. Study aboard students facing challenges with transferring credits to their respective institution, Low student enrollment due to t...

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...udents indicating academic courses, research studies and program designs. 4. Faculty Policies and Practices influencing the development of comprehensive curriculums, student learning, cultural awareness, and ongoing training for faculty. 5. Student Mobility promoting domestic and international study aboard programs with efforts to support education and cultural exposure. 6. Collaboration and Partnership creating mechanisms for institution expansion and collaborations strengthening global partnerships "Brian Circulation". Tracking outcomes by way of administering assessments for program planning, and ongoing support of governing bodies.
"The international program is rooted in the U.S. institution 's stated mission and purposes and reflects special social, religious, and ethical elements of that mission (New England Association of Schools and Colleges 2003).

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