U.s. Olympic Track & Field Trials Essay examples

U.s. Olympic Track & Field Trials Essay examples

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The U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials will feature some of the most talented athletes in the U.S. and worldwide. Some argue that the competition to make the U.S. team will be more competitive than the Olympics. There are certain events where there to seem to be athletes that have already earned their spots, such as, Galen Rupp in the 10,000m; Ashton Eaton in the decathlon; Emma Coburn in the 3,000m steeplechase. But the beauty and pain of track and field is that any one can win on any given day. One race where there is lots of uncertainty and lots of talent is the 800m. This is sure to be a tasty race on both the men and women’s sides.

The trials begin on July 1 and conclude on July 10. The top three finishers in each event qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics set to take place in Rio de Janeiro from August 5 to August 21. The trials will be aired on NBC and NBC Sports and take place in Eugene, OR.


The Men’s 800m consists of Boris Berian, Donovan Brazier, Clayton Murphy and Duane Solomon. These are the most noteworthy contenders in the race, but there are many other competitors in the race. Click here to see the full start list. It’s also important to note that two-time Olympian, Nick Symmonds, has pulled out of the race due to a nagging left ankle injury.

Boris Berian is the reigning World Indoor Champion in the 800m. He won that race in 1:45.83. Although there will be much more competition outdoors than there was indoors, Berian has proved that he knows how to win. Berian’s personal best in the 800m is 1:43.34.

Donovan Brazier finished his freshmen season at Texas A&M as the NCAA champion and he recently turned pro. At the NCAA Championships, Brazier’s time of 1:43.55 broke the NCAA record set by Jim Ryun in 1966. Br...

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...is consistent through the Trials and does not have an appearance like she did in Rome.

Raevyn Rogers is the back-to-back NCAA Champion in the 800m. She has a personal best of 1:59.71 and a season best of 2:00.75. It will be exciting to see what Rogers can do against the top competition in the country.

Alysia Montano is the veteran in this field. Montano has had an incredible career, consisting of seven U.S. Championship titles and competing in the 2012 Olympics. She has a personal best of 1:57.34. Montano is a true competitor as she notably raced when she was eight months pregnant.
The Women’s 800m is a must see race. The field is deep and there are only three spots on the team. It will truly be a battle to the finish. Click here to see the full start list.

On both the men and women’s side will experience top the new stars or will the new stars steal the show?

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