U.s. Immigration Policy Policies Essay

U.s. Immigration Policy Policies Essay

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Have you been in recent years in a circus? Well, you probably haven’t, but let me assure you that, yes, you actually have been. Lately, with the United States of America presidential election on the door, “Efforts to overhaul U.S. immigration policy often generate more show than substance” (Malakoff, May 31 2013). So, to obtain more substance than show, the United States of America needs compromised members of Congress to reform the immigration policy according to U.S. actual needs with clear and realistic objectives, and measurable intended outcomes.
Historically, no one can deny that the United States of America is a nation of immigrants. It means that at some point of your family history, you would belong to an immigrant group. According to Brunner and Colarelli (2010), U.S has had four clear periods of migration in its history. At first, from 1800s to later 1900s, majority of immigrants were from the British Isles and Western Europe. Thus, the open-immigration policy of that time helped populate America. The second period was, from late 1900s to 1921. Because the economy of the country grew up, it demanded more workforces. So, the new labors came from southern and eastern Europe whereby the existing open-immigration policy was in force, but with some restrictions. These restrictions were based on individual qualities that excluded prostitutes, convicts, paupers and mentally disordered individuals. Though the country intentions were not to discriminate for racial, national or ethnic identity, Chinese people on this period, with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, were discriminated for fear of being displaced due their dominant culture. Thus, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 settled a precedent in restricting immigration on th...

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... the E-Verify program with its expansion would result in discouraging illegal immigration to look for a job due to the obstacle they would have for the verification of legal documentation. And we can continue discussing more neutral points to solve the disrupted immigration system, but the subject is too complex as you have already noticed.
However the most transcendental step to take, it is to force our U.S. Congress to take action in the immigration policy issue. It needs a comprehensive reform. A realistic immigration policy we require to our nation’s leaders. It is not needed more charlatanism among. We need lawmakers could behave as a scientific community does; honestly and we the desire of reviewing proposal action on the immigration bill. Our nation needs compromised ruler makers that are interested in favor of the land of the freedom and opportunity for all.

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